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MK8DX Teams and Pick-up Groups Guidelines - READ BEFORE MAKING A THREAD

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Jun 3, 2018
United States
For Mario Kart 8 Deluxe teams, we will be using the guidelines that we used for Mario Kart 8 teams (update link). Credits to @λsuna (update profile once available) for writing up this thread.

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Here in our MK8D section, we have two different kinds of groups you can associate with: Teams and Pick-up Groups. Looking back at the Introduction to Teams (update link) thread, you may or may not be asking yourself what it takes to make a Team or Pick-up Group. Look no further!

Some rules about creating Teams and PUGs:

- People can only create Teams once every 4 months.
- Team revamps (New Team, name, identity, etc) can only be done 4 months after the team's creation.
- A Team thread that has not been posted on for 6 months will be moved to the Retirement Home.*

*The site considers threads that have been inactive for long periods of time non-functional. Team or Pick-up Group Leaders may request their Team or Pick-up Group threads to be moved back to their respective section.


- Teams must have their tag on the thread if not already included in the thread title.
- Teams must have a minimum of 6 players listed on the thread.
- Team names must be kept formal.
- Team names must be 50 characters or less.

Pick-up Groups
- Pick-up Groups must have their tag on the thread if not already included in the thread title.
- Pick-up Groups must have a minimum of 3 players listed on the thread.
- Pick-up Group names must be kept formal.
- Pick-up Group thread titles must be 50 characters or less.

Once you create your Team or Pick-up Group thread, it will be sent to a moderation queue where the MKBoards Moderators and Administrators review it. A quick run-through of what our moderation queue looks like can be found here (update link). Once the criteria have been met for your Team or Pick-up Group, we approve it and you're ready to go!

Teams and Pick-up Groups are what fuel the competitive nature of our community. While we aren't trying to restrict your fun with these rules/guidelines, we ask that teams uphold themselves with a level of professionalism for the sake of newcomers around us and people outside of the community stopping by.


- The MKBoards Staff
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