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Registry Staff Merc [RA/Council] (Accepted)

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Media Staff
Former WL Staff
Jun 25, 2018
Position(s) Applying For: Council, Reg Admin

Activity: 8/10

RA App: Sup, was previously a reg admin, have experience with spreadsheets, and understand how registry works. Looking to put whatever happened in the past behind me and hope to help out with the league. Having experience on staff I know the role and think I have the proper skill-set to do the role well. Usually very active during the day. I have worked on various registries in smaller leagues in the past and understand the role and its tasks. Other than my prior experience I have made several table templates on Excel and Spreadsheets so I know the basic functions of both and largely understand the processes of how to use them and maneuver the registry.

Previous Experience: WL Reg Admin: S7/8, KL Reg Admin: Pre-Season, EL Reg Admin: S2.
Council App: I have a general understanding of what the community looks like in terms if size and clan placement and have some ideas on how to improve the communities view on council. I’ve never personally been on any councils but since being boards staff I’ve began to understand what it takes to have a large role in the community and the responsibilities it carries. I’m a naturally argumentative person and I feel I can bring up points that haven’t been completely assessed or given much thought. I feel that some ideas I have could bring the community back to a point where they can near unanimously get on board with the things that we as a council could potentially do. Even though this isn’t in the job description, I feel I can defuse situations well, making me a good fit for the position as I can talk to the community members with relative ease and can end any calamity that is present. As for banning/penalization cases, in my short time on Boards staff I have seen a few cases where bans have either been considered or warranted and have a good understanding of the process and what it means in terms if it’s affect on the community. Obviously hacking cases differ largely from behavioural cases but they involve similar processes, like delving into the accussed persons past and figuring out if A: there’s reasonable cause to believe they could repeat their actions and, B: How the event affected the person or people at the recieving end of the offense. Most of my experience in this community has been low div so I have a very good grasp of the landscape community wide and not just at the top. Having been low div for so long I feel I know it better than most. All in all I feel that there are many reasons why I am fit for the role and feel that I am more than qualified for it.

Previous Experience: MKB Moderator

If you have any further questions hmu:
Not open for further replies.