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Jun 24, 2018
Site Owner
:flagIT: BetoMan | @BetoMan
Head technical administrator. Timezone: Central European Summer Time (CEST), UTC+2.
Discord Contact: BetoMan0#8507

:flagUS: Tea | @Tea | Introduction Post
Timezone: Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), UTC-6
Discord Contact: Tea#4982

:flagCA: Amanda | @Amanda | Introduction Post
Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), UTC-4
Discord Contact: synthetic#7241

:flagUS: Arc | @Arc-n-g | Introduction Post
Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), UTC-4.
Discord Contact: Arc#3565

:flagUS: Chris | @Chris. | Introduction Post
Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), UTC-4.
Discord Contact: Chris.#0018

:flagCA: Justin | @Justin | Introduction Post
Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), UTC-4.
Discord Contact: Justin#9780

:flagUS: Noob | @Noob | Introduction Post
Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), UTC-4.
Discord Contact: Rahul#0441

:flagUS: Silver | @Silver | Introduction Post
Timezone: Central Daylight Time (CDT), UTC-5.
Discord Contact: Silver#1000

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Quindarious Gooch

You forget, I always play high stakes
Jun 24, 2018
Prismatic Sunset
Hi guys, I'm Silver, I'm 17 years old and a junior in high school.

I played a tiny bit of comp (like 2 wars) back in 2012 or so, but 2015 is when I truly consider my start, I've been playing ever since then, even though I've lost a lot interest in the game as of late, I still very much enjoy playing with friends and interacting with/helping the community.

I've always been a CT player first and foremost, for the simple reason that playing the same 32 tracks over and over can get extremely boring. I first played with Yowndrift (technically my first clan was actually Remix, a sub that lived for like a month, but I consider y_ my first true clan.) I currently play with Battle Cry, who I've been with ever since early 2017, but I still hang out with people in other clans, (Maximum Likelihood, Fossa)

Right now, I mostly play osu!, Splatoon 2, and Smash Ultimate, because, even though I went to CTs to find variety, the extremely slow pace at which updates release, along with the pack becoming more and more catered to casuals, have caused me to lose a lot of interest in the game, plus, I find those games more satisfying because they're much more skill based than Mario Kart.

I also play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe infrequently, where I'm an updater in lounge, and I played with Melee X/Y for 2 seasons, who I still identify more with and hang out more with than my current clan, Renegades.

Overall, I'm a pretty chill and positive person who doesn't really hate many people (you have to be extremely cancerous or do something awful to get on my bad side) and I'm usually willing to help anyone out with anything they may need. If you want anything from me, just talk to me on Discord (Silver#1000) and I'll respond asap.


sakura swirl
MKPS Staff
CTL Staff
Registry Staff
Former WL Staff
Former EL Staff
Sep 9, 2018
Ontario, Canada
Hello, I'm Amanda and I've been in this community for roughly a year and a half now.

Some things about me: I like the color purple, Spring is my favorite season (Autumn is my least), I love space and my favorite place I would love to visit is Dubai.

I started playing Mario Kart casually around 2013-2014. I stopped playing it due to lack of interest I had for the game back then. However around spring 2018, I saw a video about Custom Tracks and I was immediately interested in playing them. I met some friends shortly after replaying the game who liked custom tracks as well and they introduced me to the MK community where I was able to meet even more players. In early 2019, I became a Division Admin for Elite League which was my first step into being involved in the community. From then on, I've expanded more in terms of friends and involvement in the community.

Outside of Mario Kart and the community, I’m planning to take piano lessons as early as I can as I’ve always wanted to learn how to play one. I love going bike riding, especially in the sunset. I’m usually not able to stay indoors for so long (especially on sunny clear days) so I always try to find ways or excuses to get out of the house. A couple games I play besides Mario Kart are League of Legends and osu!.

I find myself pretty chill and relaxed. I’m quite social and I love to talk or start conversations with others. I'm pretty big for anime so if you like it as well, feel free to hit me up :p .I don’t really have any problems with people and I also don’t really hate anyone (you would have to do something extremely awful to get on my bad side) and I'm more than welcome to help with anything that is problematic. If you ever wanna talk, my dms are always open; feel free to message me whenever you want <3 !

~ (synthetic#7241)


Jun 25, 2018
What's good, I'm Justin and I'm a Canadian wheeler.

I've been on mkboards and mariokartboards for 4 years now, originally to play Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U but that interest shifted into Mario Kart Wii later. I came into the mkwii community with my first real clan being Death's Master. I've spent most of my time with other members from Tribulation Refuge which later shifted over to [L]. I later became a Lounge Updater, an MKPS Media Staff member and, as you can probably tell, an MKB Moderator.

Some things about my real life if you're interested, I enjoy playing tennis, making videos, designing posters/logos, and playing video games with friends (most interested in Rocket League, GTA V, BO3/BO4 atm) on the PS4. I plan to go to university for a marketing/advertising course in the future.

My Discord is Justin#9780. My YouTube, Discord Server and Instagram are all linked on my Twitch (twitch.tv/justinmkwii go follow!!).
Thanks for reading :alien:
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