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Jan 23, 2019

Welcome to the Mario Kart Wii World Cup 2020. In 2015, EndGameTV launched our first event, the 2015 Mario Kart World Cup, and we hope to capture the same fun and competitive spirit we brought five years ago. This event is made to showcase and show off the electric and exciting gameplay that has kept this community running strong 12 years after the game’s release.

Tournament Discord:
Tournament Admin: aidencalvin#0002, eirik#5674
Event Stream:

Schedule: July 11 - August 2
All specific match times will be determined after team registration is finalized June 28.

Tournament Structure:

Play In Stage (July 11 - 12) → Group Stage (July 18 - 19) → Bracket Stage (July 25 - 26 & August 1 - 2)

The tournament will kick off with a Play In Stage, featuring the lower seeded teams. This stage will feature small groups, with top performing teams advancing to the Group Stage the following weekend.

The Group Stage will feature the top teams from the Play In Stage and the highest tournament seeds, which will start in the Group Stage outright. Top performing teams in the Group Stage will advance to the Bracket Stage the following weekend.

The Bracket Stage will feature the eight best performing teams from the Group Stage, and will play Best of 3 and Best of 5 matches until the completion of the tournament, where the World Cup winner will be crowned.

Format and Ruleset:

  • 5v5 suicide and the MKPS ruleset will be the core ruleset
  • MKPS Ruleset
  • All teams that reach Bracket Stage are required to have at least one player capable of streaming their gameplay and must stream if asked to by the Admins.
  • Each team may have as many reps as they wish, as long as they are registered for the National Team
  • All registered friend codes must be verified by FriendBot in the Lounge server
  • 6v6 suicide is also allowed via Gentlemens’ Agreement, meaning that if both teams agree to a 6v6 prior to their match starting, 6v6 can be played.
Team Registration and Eligibility:

National Teams are allowed a maximum of 10 registered players, and may not adjust their lineup of 10 after June 28.

A large change from previous iterations of the World Cup is that all teams will be limited to one country each. In previous years, the World Cup has allowed teams to be a combination of two or more nations. We wanted this event to allow a greater number of teams and players to participate than in the past, while also using a tournament format that allows all teams to experience competitive matches.

  • If two or more countries that have combined in previous iterations of the World Cup (or have a clear geographic relationship, as defined by the Admin) cannot gather a lineup of at least six players as individual countries, they may combine in order to form a team.
    • The purpose of this new rule was to increase the number of participating teams, and if it were to result in large regions being excluded altogether it would be counterintuitive.
  • This year Team USA will be divided into two teams, USA West and USA East, with the geographic cutoff for membership being the Mississippi River.
    • The MKW community is largely dominated by the American player-base, and it is largely accepted that Team USA is extremely favored to win any version of the World Cup. In order to showcase a larger number of talented US players, as well as to reduce the likelihood of Team USA sweeping the event, we have decided to divide USA into two teams for this iteration of the World Cup.

How to register a National Team:
  • If you wish to captain or gather a National Team
    • Join Discord
    • Follow the listed template in #team-reg
    • DM Admin your team details
  • Registration closes after June 28.

Player Eligibility:

For players to participate on a National Team they must fulfill one of the following requirements:
  • Currently live or reside within that country (includes non-citizens)
  • Are a citizen of the country
  • Are eligible to receive citizenship from that country, but cannot obtain citizenship due to diplomatic issues between the country and their current country of residence
    • Players eligible via this mean must contact the tournament admin for approval
The tournament admin may review and remove members from teams at any time if a player is suspected of not fulfilling any of these requirements.

Players banned from participating in MKPS and banned from Mario Kart Boards are also banned from participating in MKWC.
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