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Mario Kart Professional Series ~ Discord and Staff Team

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MKPS Staff
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Jul 1, 2018

Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/PUEnzC2

Admins are the head of the entire Mario Kart Professional Series. They have the final word in every decision.

Nick (Nick.#4803)
Wally (Wally#5012)

Board members are representatives of the league that will answer any questions one may have about anything concerning Mario Kart Professional Series. They will also be the decision makers in the different kinds of rules and regulations that the league may set.

Derek (vrth.#2425)
Killua (Killua#6523)
Klyne (Klyne#3249)
Mystic (Mystic#4508)
Nick (Nick.#4803)
Niko (nikos#6942)
Tea (Tea#7834)
Process (The Process#7834)
Valence (Valence#3631)
Wally (Wally#5012)
Xander (xandzr#5555)

League Managers
League Managers are responsible for overseeing the two leagues that are incorporated in the Mario Kart Professional Series, Wiimmfi League and Elite League.

Aditya (Aditya#3629)
Chris (Chris-#0018)

Referees are the on-match decision makers that will decide whether penalties may or may not stand during a match, as well as any scheduling issues. The referees will make these decisions in real time.

Maq (Maq#5837)
Shawn (Shawn#7320)

Tournament Organizers
Tournament Organizers create and run tournaments for Circuit Points in between the two halves of MKPS. While they are organizing the smaller scale tournaments, they will be helping with the major tournaments as well similar to that of a Division Admin.

Articuno (@tay%#0071)
Boodog9 (Boodog9#8132)
Log (Log#7639)

Social Media / Writers
Social Media / Writers will write posts for the league on various topics as well as working with Social Media outlets for promoting the MKPS.

Jack (Jzck#8222)
Justin (Justin#9780)
Kiralte (Kiralte#1530)
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