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Looking for people to Worldwide with...


New member
Feb 23, 2019
United States
Hello, I'm Pride. Or Wolf. Wolf is my older name, but so many people go by it so... I go by a lot of different names online though. Currently, the name I'm using is logic. And the past few days I went by passion and sprite. And the past few months it was fall. If I you raced me in those ww's GG's.

I've been playing mkwii since 2012. So nearly seven years. I've played mkwii on and off. I don't play MK8 because it's not nearly as fun as mkwii. My VR ranges from 8500-9500 (sometimes higher if I'm lucky) to get an idea of my skill level. I'm also obsessed with BCWii glitch and I make it like 7/10 times.

I really like ww's and sometimes ctww's (I hate clan wars though) and I'm hoping to meet some of the people that I've been racing against. And to meet new people to worldwide with consistently. Over the years, I've had many friends, but they've all moved on to either MK8 or some other game, or just became inactive on mkwii.. which is unfortunate because I'm kind of just racing alone.

My discord is wolfu#8876. I'm really friendly and look forward to racing with anyone.
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Truth is stranger than fiction
Jun 25, 2018
Warren, MI, USA
UHDR7T7 - Maidvelia Serial Number
Welcome back to MarioKartBoards, I tried adding your Discord ID but it didn't work.

I'm looking for people to WW with in a few weeks after I finish 2 big college projects.