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Looking for friends/a clan!

Mar 4, 2019
So, after like a year of not touching my wii, I'm getting back into Mario Kart Wii. I've missed this game so much, but what I miss most of all is the interactions with people in the community. I remember a couple of years ago being a squeaker in stupid little clan wars that we'd never win, and loving it so much. I'd like to join a clan again that doesn't take itself to seriously (because what's the fun in it if you're not having a good time along the way). I'd also like to make some new friends in the community to just talk and race with. From the group of friends that I had previously, only two are still playing the game, (and even that's a bit of a stretch) so having some new chill folk to call with during wws/wars/whatever would be much appreciated. I really don't care about your skill level, heaven knows I've never been the best, but I'd prefer someone who's at least 16 years old, just for maturity's sake. If y'all have any interest, shoot me a dm on discord (BeyondTheNorm#4805). Thanks!