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Graphic Designer Lexxeh


♡ stupid kawaii girl ♡
Nov 19, 2018

I'm Alexis, a 19 year old artist currently residing in the United States (PST).

I am interested in the graphics role of the WL Staff for many reasons. However, one of the biggest reasons is because of the sole fact that I have been working extremely close with many members and staff here on the site already. A couple examples would be the server logo created for the matchmaking Discord and I am currently working with the Exalt staff who are working on hosting a Mario Kart LAN in New York City.

I genuinely enjoy assisting each and every one of those that approach me for work and am constantly working to improve. I believe my motivation, passion, and creativity would be a great asset to the team and the community in general.

My recent works can be found under "Media" on my Twitter. (Files are too large to be uploaded)

Discord: marie#7446

Thank you for reading, I hope I am considered for this position.