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Karting stuff.


Jun 25, 2018
edit: giphy decided to delete all my gifs, so fuck me lol. DK Mountain guide is still fairly intact with just one gif removed.

hi i really want to just put this out cause i never finished it and i don't think i will. this is just few random things i've noted and not really a guide. I don't assume it's gonna be useful to most people, but a few people might like it. i'll post some old guides as well

Luigi Circuit:
  • Last turn:

  • If you have 2+ shrooms, use a mushroom before entering the SC, hop over the curb so you don’t get air, and then use the second mushroom mid-cut. That’s the safest way to do the SC in karts:

  • With a single mushroom, you should also hop over the curb. Use a MT to jump into the cut, then use the mushroom. You can see me doing it a bunch of times in this vid (but skip to 25:16 if you want to see it in the actual run):
Moo Moo Meadows:

  • Snaking on the stretch with the cows requires soft drifting to be most optimal. Watch Jonas shroomless run for reference.
  • To get the SMT after the shortcut, do a counterhop + delayed drift and then soft drift through the cut.
  • Karts go around the ramp at the end.
Mushroom Gorge
  • First turn requires a delayed drift + soft drift to get the SMT.
  • Going into next lap, you skip the first MT in the snake since you’re still going in an SMT.
  • Karts take the ground path instead of mushrooms midway through the track.
  • I spin drift the gap jump. I've always felt this helped, but I don't have any proof of it actually giving you more airtime.
Toad’s Factory:
  • Don’t bag in the beginning of lap 1. It has rarely worked out for me. Aim tight on first turn or get the item box closest to the turn if it’s available.
  • Generally, snaking in the crate section is approached by starting a counter-drift in the direction shown below:
  • Release the SMT after the conveyer belt turn. Any miniturbo released on the conveyer belt is wasted.
  • I can’t do shroomless lake cut consistently, so I wouldn’t bother with it.
  • Skipping the trick on the ramp leading out of the factory is faster by about 0.1-2 in Wild Wing and Mini Beast.
  • download (2).png

    Always hop over the line between the mud and the ground the boost panel is on. Otherwise you will bounce which will make it hard to snake around the ramp afterwards.
  • Snake around the last ramp instead of tricking off of it.
  • Lines I use for online races:
Coconut Mall
  • Coconut Mall is frontrunning friendly, so get ahead from the beginning. Karts can stay ahead easily if given the opportunity.
  • Snaking in Coconut Mall beginning stretch is shown in the video below. The middle route is the fastest lap 1 and 2. The right route is the fastest lap 3 because the snaking sets up for it. If you aren't snaking up the escalator, you take the middle route anyway.
  • To get the SMT right before leaving the mall, do a counter drift + soft drift. Doing a delayed drift after the counter drift can help too.
  • On the second to last boost panel (with the cars), counterhop to get an SMT out on the final turn.

  • Karts can't hit the last boost panel if the red car is in front of it. I usually drift on the left side of it, so I still get an SMT afterwards. It's less risky than trying to get a single MT by going on the right of it
    I do it in my run lap 1:

DK Summit
  • This track comes off as pretty complicated with karts, but they actually do surprisingly well on it online. The main thing to remember is do not bag on this track. Lines will save you, and that’s what you need to rely on. If you get shrooms, use them through the snow cut, before the canon, or save 1-2 shrooms for the double cut. You can do it with one, but you might get too much air and hit the invisible wall above the blue zippers which will either throw you off the track or put you to 0 speed once landed.
Wario’s Gold Mine
  • When going up after the first downhill, take a wide line to avoid tight traps.
  • If a mine cart is blocking the fast route, take the downhill route with an SMT. You’ll lose a bit depending on the MT stat of your kart (Mini Beast only loses about 0.3). Make sure to get an extra MT out after the finish line.
  • Going on the right side of the bats is the fastest in karts, but you can also go on the left side of them to avoid back spam.
Daisy Circuit
  • Shroomless route:
Koopa Cape
  • The shroomless grass cut is easier with a spin drift, imo. Don't use any handling when landing from the shortcut until the exact moment you're being carried by the water. If you use handling too early, you won't catch the right stream and it'll send you into the rock.
  • Going into the underwater section with karts, you want to drift down the waterfall.
    Wild Wing has to approach it with a wider drift than Flame Flyer to get air. On 100cc, instead of drifting down the waterfall, do a counter drift at the end of the waterfall, so that when you land you can charge an MT before the turn.
  • If you fail to get enough air at the waterfall, hop in the opposite direction as soon as you land.
Maple Treeway
  • After the U turn, aim for the 3 leaf piles to get mushrooms. Don’t bother with snaking.
  • To increase the chance of getting three tricks on the net, do a wide soft drift when you land from the ramp and release MT immediately. Aim to hit the net as early as you can.
Grumble Volcano

To get no bounces on the two last turns, release the MT right before the tiny lower part of the surface before second to last ramp.

Dry Dry Ruins:
  • I've yet to figure out how to bag on this track, so no tips on that. I usually try to stay ahead.
  • The kart "wall glitch" doesn't involve sticking to the wall, but moreso landing right on the corner.
    This video shows three different approaches at 2:35. the last one is how KWR does it.
    The most important thing is to align the kart, so you don't start sliding.
  • If you need an item, I like to use the second method.
Moonview Highway
  • If you start out in the back of the pack, counterhop to get an SMT on first turn.
  • Second turn with the blue and yellow car first lap online requires a double drift with a wide approach. Do not attempt to get an SMT unless you're in the back of the pack.
  • If you want to get an item (especially if a car is blocking) on the bridge without ruining your snake, you can release a miniturbo and drift the same direction to reach the item, then continue snaking as you normally would. Basically snaking with extra drifts. This is purely to avoid speeding into a car from the MT speed, so you release it before reaching a box.
  • On the finish line stretch, you can change the snake path if a car, bomb car, or a trap is in the way since there isn't enough room for correct snaking anyway.
  • As for lap 3, you can snake in any way you'd like as long as you get two miniturbos out.
Bowser's Castle:

  • Get 3 tricks on the wavy floor if you can. Get ahead from the beginning if you get shrooms (which you likely will considering bikes pass you on the first stretch). When shrooming on the turns before entering the large room with the bowser statue, only shroom in the places that won’t send you into a wall. If you’re goldening, take a few breaks to stay under control.
  • On the spiral, go as tight as you possibly can. You won't bounce at all. Obviously don’t do this if you suspect there are traps on the spiral.
  • On the last ramp, I usually ramp drift to get the SMT faster, and often with a counterhop before.
  • According to Chikuten's shroomless TT, Mini Beast should not trick off of the last ramp + the ramp after the bowser statue. The reason for this is to get SMTs out in time.
  • If you get mushrooms on the last ramp, use at least 1-2 of them on the finish line straight after the geysers. That's the best spot to use shrooms.
Rainbow Road:

If you’re a Flame Flyer main, this course will be your friend. The jak strat (blue zipper/ring strat) and moon jump are pretty easy in Flame Flyer compared to the other top karts.

Jak strat:
  • Trick off the pink ring and drift 2/3s of the way up and then use handling to aim for this
    If you hit it correctly, you’ll get send forward.
  • Right before hitting the star pole, hold right and continue all the way until you’re right before the blue zipper, then hold the analog in neutral position.
    Sometimes you’ll need to adjust when you land from the second blue zipper so you don’t fall off.
    I wouldn’t suggest attempting the jak strat with Wild Wing unless you know what you’re doing. It’s also practically useless in Mini Beast.
  • Mini Beast doesn't trick off of first ramp (saves a bit). Take it tight on the left and charge a quick MT. Don’t do this while there are players nearby (lap 1 for example).
  • The moonjump works slightly differently in Wild Wing compared to Flame Flyer. While Flame Flyer can take it safe and wide, Wild Wing always goes tight, so bear that in mind.
  • To see traps on the first downhill, hop to adjust your kart to view traps. Handling is too slow.
  • On the split path by the end, take the upper one in karts. This prevents bikes from messing you up and you always have items boxes available (e.g. a potential mushroom for moon jump).

for retro cups check out this spreadsheet and scroll down.

Rainbow Road moon jump sort of explained:
Download Wesker's ghost once you've practiced a bit. Having a ghost to race against gives you a good point of reference especially because he takes it perfectly first lap.

- First hop -

Drift, let go of the drift, and kind of let yourself slide into the hop. You can see this being done by most of the top 10 except for Leaf (and keke, kind of).

- First landing -
Aim down all the way until right before landing. Never land on the nose of your kart (basically holding the analog straight "down" won't work) because you won't be able to hop.

There are two main factors when landing: How soon you hop after you land and how far down you aim the nose of the kart.

The further to the left you land, the more you should aim the nose down.
The further down you aim = the kart will fly further right.
Aiming down too far can send you off the course once you hop.
You can hop the moment you land or you can wait a bit. For me this usually goes hand in hand with how much i aim down. So if you land more on the left side of the road, jump sooner. If you land more on the right side, jump later.
Never have the kart more than parallel with the road.

- Hitting the boost panel -

When you hit the boost panel, you can adjust how tight you turn for a small amount of time. Then you aim up.

You keep holding the drift through the air.

- Landing after the cut -
You should be aiming up already and then start a new drift in the air right before landing.

Kart tier list
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Jun 25, 2018
Thread Starter #2
these two guides are from 2016 i think. most of it should be accurate enough. the other one is in next post because of media limits in one post.

DK Mountain guide
Fastest combo and KWR:
Wild Wing + Dasy

The track is extremely bouncy and somewhat confusing to get down, so don't get discouraged if you can't get anything close to 2:10 at first (the WR is 2:08.274). It took me around two weeks to get down to 2:10 if i recall correctly, and there are a few parts of the track that I don't know how to do consistently at all.

First turn leading up to canon and the turn after:

In the first drift you have to go a bit wide to get the miniturbo charged. Aim into the 'grass' right at release to avoid bouncing. Afterwards get a SMT then MT. The drift after the SMT should be held a bit to let the SMT run out. It's important to enter the canon in the middle or a bit to the right.

Now, the turn after canon is a bit weird, but whether you stick to the slope or bounce a bit won't make much difference. When you land from the canon, adjust as you please to get a wide approach and go tight once you enter from a wide enough angle. The important thing is not taking it tight too early.

Hold the drift wide as you exit the turn and hold the drift until you land. Aim down to let the kart land on its nose. Right as you land, hop to correct your line. With mini beast you release the smt right before landing.

Get nice bounces to send you at fast speeds

The next turn it's important that you drift off as close to the edge that the red arrow points to. However, if you take it any tighter, you lose a lot of time because you get no air and no MT.
The kart should be going in the direction of the blue arrow before you land in the drift.
Once the drift starts, hold it wide enough to go over the edge. Right before going over the edge, tighten your line. Once you land from the air, continue the drift tight and release the MT shortly after it has appeared.
It's important that you don't aim up at any point in the air time as that will prevent you from getting any speed from the bounces. In fact the more you aim down, the more speed you will gain. Sometimes so much you fly into the fence on the other side.

Inconsistent shit turns:

Here comes the part of the track that makes the least sense.

As you start the next drift, stay wide and drift tight right before the slope goes down and release the MT. In time trials, it's important that you get the bounce right after the MT that sends you ahead. It saves about 0.3. I would tell you how to get it consistently, but I don't know how. :p

the safe method for next turn is like so:

double drift before the turn.
If you want to do it like the kart WR you have to enter at a tighter angle and don't turn the analog stick at all while going over the grass part to reduce chances of bouncing, i think. It's super duper inconsistent though, so the other strategy is probably a safer bet.

SC and bridge

Deaccelerate around the turn before the SC (take it as tight as possible) and quickly start a new drift. Deaccelerate right as you leave the edge of cliff. Start a drift before you land.
Doing what's done in the gif may be too tight to avoid bananas put at the edge in WWs.

Hold the drift wide and drift tight (preferably soft drifting) until you get in a straight line, then hold wide again.

Use the shroom right as the as SMT runs out, no earlier or later. When snaking after you cross the finish line, it can be useful to use a tiny bit of handling after you release the MT, to get a straighter line.
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Jun 25, 2018
Thread Starter #3
DS Delfino Square guide
Fastest combo and KWR:

Shroomstrat: 1-0-2

  • Rosalina (speed +1, MT +1) and Wario (MT +2, same as Dry Bowser) can also be used if you feel more comfortable with their drift. I learned the track with Rosalina and I got 2:10.022, but Dry Bowser is still the best because he charges miniturbos a bit faster and is esentially easier.

  • Daisy + Wild Wing has trouble executing several of the SMT strats, but please refer to LordNate - 2:10.032 if you wish to see how he plays without them.

Snaking + first three turns:

Should be pretty straight forward, but a good technique is to use the uphill to reduce hopping time in the second drift.

Around first turn it's important that you don't start taking it tight too early. You want to take a straight line towards the fountain and then take it tightly.

After that, do a delayed drift and drift slightly wide so you're not close to the wall, and then drift in tightly by the end of it. Release SMT and drift right.
It takes some practice to get these turns right, so don't get annoyed if you take the third turn wide.

Lap 1 strats at the double route:
Lap 1 Edoardo's strat:

This strategy is probably the hardest in the track and probably takes a while to get down.
Get an SMT and then an MT before the stairs. You want to stay wide in order to do the next drift without bouncing into a wall. In case you take it too tightly or just fuck up the alignment before the stairs, hop to correct your line.
Hold the drift wide when you go down the stairs.

If you suck at Edoardo's strat, you can go straight instead of drifting down the stairs and then charge a single MT around the corner.

Following turns & mud shortcut:
You'll get some air where the stone bridge goes downhill, so stay wide enough to drift as soon as you land from the small amount of air you get.

It's especially important to get the SMT before the shortcut early, so the next MT doesn't get wasted.
Again stay slightly wide in order to drift tightly into the shortcut.
Use handling to steer yourself through the shortcut and drift by the end of it. Key is to see how early you can start a drift, but don't start too early or you'll hit the left wall.

The bridge and last turns:
When you go on the bridge, drift so that you leave it at the middle. Hold the drift wide as you leave it, so you don't end up in the grass.
In my run I low jump it, but it saves like 0.040, so it's not necessary to do.
Drift early to align with the next turn so that after you land from the air caused by the uphill slope, you can drift hard right, release the SMT immediately and start snaking.

Lap 2 & 3 snaking:

Hold the first drift long and wide until the SMT has run out and tightly snake to get a quick MT so you can use the uphill to your advantage by hopping onto it (no air time). Snake like you normally do afterwards.
You can also do like Ando (slightly different) which is doing a semi-tight snaking throughout the entire stretch. Probably easier to grasp. Both work fine. Just do whatever approach works best for you as long as you stay on a straight line.
I go very close to the wall, but that is not necessary.

Lap 2 & 3 strat at the double route + dock cut and double cut
Due to the bridge being up when you take the mud shortcut lap 2, you instead take the dock shortcut in order for the bridge to go down, and then take the double shortcut in lap 3.

Instead of going for the right path, go for the left to line up with the dock cut. When you release the SMT you should take the bounces into account, so releasing it a bit later can be ideal. The reason why you have to redrift is so the next MT doesn't get wasted while your SMT is still going.
Single MT dock cut (slightly slower):

When hopping onto the ramp, depending on how you vehicle is aligned, you'll get more or less air. The more parallel you are with the ramp, the less air you get.
When exiting the dock, start out wide and go in tight.

SMT dock cut:
To get an SMT right before the dock, instead of hopping after the SMT down the stair, you want to start a new drift. With this technique, it's especially important to go on the ramp as parallel as you can. With an SMT you can get the lowest amount of air while going faster.
If you get as much air as I do in my run, drift as soon as you land.
It should save around 0.1, iirc.
The bridge in lap 2 will go up higher and higher as you improve your run, and you'll have to hop early to land on the last boost panel, so you don't get unnecessary air time. Hop after the first boost panel and, if necessary, land with the back of the kart first so you don't miss the last boost panel.

Double shortcut:
Before shrooming, drift to align yourself. While shrooming use handling to get a better alignment, so you don't fall off. You barely make it over when you take it as tight as the KWR. Drift as soon as you land. When entering the mud shortcut wait a bit before using your mushroom, so you don't go flying into the left wall.

good online karting playlists/channels:
Chikuten - (King of Kart IV, V, VI) (The most important player to watch of all these IMO!!)
Seboss - Mostly NI races
Jonas - Expert Mini Beast user

Single videos:
Keke in Wild Wing
NI (bike perspective) vs Lordnate
Donnatokimo, King of Kart IV
Ghost Valley 2 SC while shrunken
Flame Flyer VS Japan & ワイルドスターVS

Time trials:
Shroomless kart BKTs playlist (outdated)
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