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Joris' Time Trials


Custom Title
Jun 25, 2018
The Netherlands
Name: Joris
Country: :flagNL:
Controller: :nunchuk:

Note: I'm not that active of a time trialer, but I'm trying to improve my old times set in 2013 now and then. That's right, most of these times are set in 2013 or before, so don't mind seeing some incredibly bad PRs.

Old PRs: Red
New PRs: Black

Regular Tracks (No Glitch/Ultra Shortcut)

Mushroom Cup

Luigi Circuit: 1:12.446
Moo Moo Meadows: 1:20.561
Mushroom Gorge: 1:45.295
Toad's Factory: 1:54.231

Flower Cup

Mario Circuit: 1:30.157
Coconut Mall: 2:05.830
DK Summit: 2:03.580
Wario's Gold Mine: 1:56.032

Star Cup

Daisy Circuit: 1:36.623
Koopa Cape: 2:35.950
Maple Treeway: 2:24.242
Grumble Volcano (rock hop): 1:47.355

Special Cup

Dry Dry Ruins: 2:12.207
Moonview Highway: 1:56.455
Bowser's Castle: 2:29.401
Rainbow Road: 2:37.770 (BB)

Shell Cup

Peach Beach: 1:19.590 (BB)
Yoshi Falls: 1:04.054
Ghost Valley 2: 55.260
Mario Raceway: 1:48.962

Banana Cup

Sherbet Land: 2:14.440
Shy Guy Beach: 1:30.204
Delfino Square: 2:09.318
Waluigi Stadium: 2:03.803

Leaf Cup

Desert Hills: 1:40.807
Bowser's Castle 3: -
DK's Jungle Parkway: -
Mario Circuit: 1:42.204

Lightning Cup

Mario Circuit 3: 1:20.100
Peach Gardens: 2:06.314
DK Mountain: 2:17.235
Bowser's Castle: -

Regular Tracks (Glitch/Ultra Shortcut)

Mushroom Gorge:
Mario Circuit: -
Coconut Mall: -
Wario's Gold Mine: -
Maple Treeway: -
Grumble Volcano: 36.158
Bowser's Castle: 2:25.976 (2x Ultra)
SNES Ghost Valley 2 (flap):16.744
GBA Bowser's Castle 3: 2:12.240
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway: -
DK Mountain: -

Custom Tracks
Will add later