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Roger Plant's Big Cheese-Posting
Jun 26, 2018
South-East, UK

☆ Jawdγn ★
◆ Explorers of Time ◇

My name is Jordan though I used to go by Dartanian. I reside in the South-East, UK. I have been playing competitive since late 2010, though nowadays I enjoy playing MKW in smaller doses and work as a free-lance artist on the side of my actual job. I am a former Team UK☆ and Team EUR☆ representative as well as the former leader of Zultanite. In my free time I enjoy go-karting, working out and free-lance modelling.

I do not add everyone

Social Media Links

––– AME/ America
Mo Chosen
[¢β] Divide
EXO Ethan
Emil P.
EXO Savannah
VA Shawn
Λv Zagler
EXO Zane

––– EUR/ Europe
VA ace
VA Barney
EXO Clout
Λv Dave
EXO Josh
fl Kazam
Λv Klyne
VA Luke
EXO Mace
EXO Miki
Mo Miles
υτ rusoX
fl Skyheed
Mo Taz
EXO Zakk

––– OCE/ Oceania
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