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Introduction to the Wiimmfi League

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Media Staff
Former WL Staff
Jun 25, 2018

The Wiimmfi League
Formerly known as the Custom Server League
Founded by: Maidvelia
Co-Founded by: Chrome & Viraith​
Rebranded to the Wiimmfi League as of August 22nd, 2016.

Welcome to the official thread for the Wiimmfi League! Here, you will find all of the information you need to know about the league as well as its shared media hub!​
Similar to leagues held in the past, WL's main format consists of divisions of 6-8 main clans playing over a 10 week season, and we also support Custom Tracks! Also unlike leagues held in the past, we have put in security measures that completely prevent cheating from happening and remove the need for a Conditional Participation program!​
The list of Discord contacts for WL Staff. Feel free to ask us about anything if there are any questions!
Do you have any additional suggestions or feedback? Or a suggestion for changing a rule? Post it here!
If you would like to discuss anything related to WL please post it here.
Interested in joining the WL staff? Submit an application here!
Regular Tracks
The ruleset for the Regular Track divisions of the Wiimmfi League. Please be sure to read it thoroughly.
Please be sure to read through this to keep up to date with what changes we're making to the ruleset!
Custom Tracks
The ruleset for the Custom Track divisions of the Wiimmfi League. Please be sure to read it thoroughly.
Please be sure to read through this to keep up to date with what changes we're making to the CT ruleset!
The list of banned players and people in the Conditional Participation program. The Conditional Participation program no longer applies to WL, but other competitive areas of the community still need to refer to the list.
If you have witnessed cheating in a competitive venue (defined as a Worldwide VS Race, War, or Tournament), report that player to the WL Council by making a thread here.
If you believe you were wrongfully placed on the Conditionals List or Ban List, submit a detailed thread here explaining to the WL Council why you should be taken off the list you were placed on.
If you are looking to register a new clan, please post your registration here!
If you're looking to sign up for a clan and have never signed up before, please register in this section.
If you are looking to move from one clan to another please post it in this section.
FC Updates
The section for you to post any form of FC Updates.
Current Season
Season start date (estimate): September 15th.
Want to know how clans have done in the past? Go to the Previous Seasons section!
Q: Does the Wiimmfi League run any other formats?
A: We mainly are running a double round robin as has been traditional for some time in this community. We may look at running other special events at some time, but at the current moment we are staying traditional.​
Q: You say the Wiimmfi League supports custom tracks. Do custom track matches happen at the same time as regular track matches?
A: No, they happen at a different time. The default time for custom track matches is exactly one day later, on Sundays at 2:00 PM ET.​
Q: Do all players need an MKBoards account to enter?
A: Yes, all players must have their own MKBoards account in order to participate. It is important to also note that a ban from the website leads to a ban in the league.​
Q: I'm looking to sign up a clan. What do I need to do in order to prepare?
A: You need to ensure that you have at least 8 players able to be registered in order for your clan to participate, and you also need to actively check both your given contacts from your application, as well as the website in case we post anything of use to you.​
Q: You say 6-8 main clans in the description, does that mean sub-clans cannot participate?
A: Our philosophy is simple: by playing in the league, we are considering your clan a main.​
Q: I'm registering as a brand new player. Talk me through what happens, why does my thread vanish?
A: To begin with, the Registration Admins (contacts available from the list of Discord Contacts) will read through your application to ensure that there are no errors. Based off of this, you will either be told to fix errors, or your thread will disappear - don't worry if this happens! That simply means that you have been accepted and added on to the registry, meaning your thread is safe in the Backups.​
Q: I no longer want to participate in the league, can I delete my registration?
A: To cut a long answer short, no. Once you have registered, we will keep your registration forever, in order to prevent any alternate accounts or any form of needing to re-apply in the future if you do choose to return.​
Q: I would like to report a problem or penalty, what do I do?
A: First off, you ensure that you have sufficient proof of what you are reporting (most acceptable proof types are defined in the rulesets), and then you have to contact a suitable member of WL Staff. Please be as descriptive and patient as you can, in order to allow for staff to make an informed decision.​
Q: I would like to appeal a verdict, what do I do?
A: If you are appealing a ban or a conditionals placement, please post a detailed and descriptive piece detailing why you should not be where you're placed, in to the Appeals section. If you are appealing a verdict given by a council in regards to a match, simply tell the council your side of the story and if deemed a valid argument they will discuss it.​
Q: The season is over, do we all have to re-register?
A: No, simply wait until the Clan Confirmations thread is posted and confirm your availability for the next season.​

If you have any other questions, feel free to make a post on this thread!
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