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Introducing Elite League


EL Staff
Jul 2, 2018
Clout's House (The Netherlands)
λρocalypse, Regicide
Banners/logos made and designed by @simo and @Shyga

We are an off-season WL league that’s been up and running since mid-2018. Our general aims are to provide a competitive space for teams to compete, similar to Wiimmfi League [WL]. We’ve recently just finished our first season with three divisions and hope to grow this number as we go.

The primary differences between EL and WL consist of the league being 6-7 weeks long excluding playoffs (team X plays team Y only once each season) and players will have the choice of console/device (CTGP-only is not a requirement; however, ISO and Dolphin users MUST provide conditionals beforehand. A few other minor rules include textures (music, track, character, etc.) being banned and MKB-site banned players not being allowed to play (in contrast to our previous season). For the full ruleset, please refer to the EL ruleset, which can be found here (a big thanks to @Stunky who contributed to the conditionals section)

For our staff team, click here to visit our ‘Staff Team & Contacts’ thread.


EL has its own Discord server with information on any league news, announcements, or other general information. In Season 1, we used to do all of this on our website, which can be accessed here. Click here for the Discord server invite link. At least two team representatives from each team are required to join the Discord server.

Previously, we processed all our registrations (including team and player) on our website and on the Discord server, which can both be found above. However, since we are now affiliated and located on Mario Kart Boards, all future registrations will be processed on this website. Click here to be directed to our registrations page, where our main registry can also be found (or simply click here). We plan on having three divisions like the first season, however, this is subject to change to possibly four divisions if enough teams register.

Currently, EL has completed one season. However, we plan for this to grow as long as the hype and demand grow. Below is an overview of our previous seasons with the respective final standings, division winners banners, and division MVPs.​

D1 Champions - Remake.png
D2 Champions - Multiverse.png
D3 Champions - Universe.png

Got any questions, advice, or critique? Feel free to let us know in the comments or by posting in the ‘Rule & General Suggestions’ section, which can be found here.
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Jun 25, 2018
Instead of making all iso/dolphin users to Condi's. Make all past cheaters and condis player only play in ctgpr pls thx. Also when s2 starting?