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I feel like I should post something, so hi. :)


New member
Jun 27, 2018
"It's a secret to everybody"
Never made a proper introduction post on mkboards, so I guess I'll do one here:

I'm basically just a guy who plays a bunch of Nintendo games and likes to have fun. Used to be an active 200cc player, although I've mostly been playing Splatoon 2 since it came out. Been playing Mario Kart games for awhile, and I basically started playing at a competitive level with MK7. I was active on GameFAQs then (and still am now), but I never interacted with people in this community much until late in MK8's lifetime. I have a pretty strong interest in stuff like strat developing, balancing, and other game mechanics stuff like that, so you'll see me talking about that sort of thing a fair bit. I don't mind receiving messages that aren't super important, so feel free to send one if you want to talk about anything. Should note that I'm mostly active on Discord though.

I don't know how active I'll be on this site, but here's a first post anyway. :)


Active member
Jun 25, 2018
i remember you, you were a god at 200cc when it first came out on mk8. welcome to the site. :)