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How To Run An Effective Tournament - Mario Kart Wii


Based Janegirl
Jun 25, 2018
Warren, MI, USA
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The following is a guide on how to run a tournament. Despite being a sticky, we would like to promote creative freedom within events, and this thread should only be used as something to consider and/or learn from.

To begin with, you have to consider the concept. What are you looking to do? A basic FFA? Underused vehicles? A LAN event? A new idea? You need to tailor your thread (and the information) to show your idea at its full potential to make people want to join.

If it's a LAN event, are there additional information pieces like price and location that need listing? Are there age limits? All of this consideration should be done in the early stages.

If you feel like your idea is an idea you'd like to run, you're ready to make a thread.

Important Information
When you start a thread, you have to think about a lot of the information that people need going in to it. A recommendation would be to have the date and event type in the title so people can immediately consider their interest.

Other information, however, that you may need at the top of a thread post, include:
- Who's the tournament being ran by?
- Tournament type (2v2 FFA, FFA, Underused Vehicles, LAN etc.)
- Starting Date/Time
- Registration Deadline
- Player/Team Limit
- Brief Description (If needed)
- Prizes (If any)
- Tournament Discord Server (If needed)
- Rules
- Signup Format
As well as, depending on the tournament type, information on location and entry price.

You can realistically use the above list as a template to set out your thread if you need to, although again it's solely a guideline.

Rules are an important area because there are a number of sticking points you may have which could lead to questions from the community, for example:
- Does the tournament allow banned players?
- What are the disconnect rules?
- How are conditionals done?
- Can the host have certain settings (e.g. 150cc Only) turned on?
And we recommend that all of these and more are taken in to account.

We also recommend that players look at other tournaments on the site as inspiration in the rule area - many events borrow rules that work well, and thus you may find that you're happy just running with a ruleset used in another tournament.

Once all this is done, you're ready to post the thread and run the tournament!

In the lead-up to the event day...
There are a number of important tasks that you may need to do leading up to the event day, for example keeping track of registrations so as you don't have to sort out all the registrations on the final day.

We would recommend that most tournament ran online should have a post dictating who has signed up successfully to avoid confusion on the day. The information you may need to keep (depending on format) include:
- Team
- Player names
- FCs
- Who can host
- Whether the players are banned or on the conditionals list.
- Any streams and/or media that people may have.

Any updates to rules or answers to questions should be documented publicly to avoid confusion and/or multiple people asking. In the lead-up to the day it may benefit the event to have, for example, an "FAQ" section on the first post so you can refer people to it.

Doing these things should ensure that you're prepared for when event day hits.

Event day (Online-ran tournaments)
On the day of the event, hosts of events may expect to be rather busy, but overall there are less questions to answer, just more work to do.

If you've been updating the player list up to this point then continue to do so until the registration deadline hits, and from that point announce that registrations are closed.

With the list of players/teams, split them in to 2 lists: a list where each row (whether it's a player or team) has a host, and one containing all the others who cannot host. Once you've counted the total number of players in the event, divide that number by 12 (or however many players you'd like to a room) to find out roughly how many rooms you'll need.

- If the number of results in the list of host teams is less than the number of needed rooms, either ask players whether they can host, or disqualify the final few entering teams.
- If the number of results in the list of host teams is more than or equal to the number of needed rooms, you're ready to go to the room creation step.

If you're ready to go to room creation, you have a few options, however first you need to make sure that you have the right amount of hosts selected. If you have spare hosts, find a way to randomly select some and put them in the list of normal players for that round so as they can play without hosting.

Once you have a list of the right amount of hosts and all the other players, you're ready to use one of the following:
- 255MP's Tournament Bracket Generator
- Random.ORG's List Randomiser
Or a suitable alternative.

If you're using 255MP's generator, it will allow you to place the hosts and other players at the same time, as well as then giving you something you can directly copy-paste as the rooms. With Random.ORG, you'd have to randomise the hosts, and then the players, and then assign players to a host (e.g. the first host in the randomised list may take the first 11 single players in a regular 1v1 FFA). Remember that depending on the type of event, a room may need a different amount of players/rows (e.g. 1 host team row and 5 other team rows in a 2v2FFA).

Once you have a list of rooms, post it (remembering to indicate hosts if needed) along with a time for rooms to open and a time for rooms to start. Be sure to give people reasonable time to find out about the rooms, and (if there is a tournament Discord server) it would be advised to post it there also.

If there's any drama and/or incident occurring in your event, be calm and try to act logically. Follow the rules you've set, report anyone who is disobeying site rules and/or hacking, and try to ensure that decisions made throughout the event are done consistently. Staff will be more than happy to step in and assist you in dealing with behaviour problems if any occur, as well as giving advice where needed.

During rounds, keep the full list of rooms in a Notepad document or similar tool, and as results come in begin to remove all the eliminated players from your list - you'll end up with an easy to use list of players where all you need to do is separate the host rows and other player rows again and you're ready to do the checks and start the room randomising process again for the next round!

Event day (LAN based events)
Your event day may differ vary from one done online and may be required to abide by the rules of your venue, so be sure to check out venue rules and see if those running the venue are able to assist. So long as you keep track of who's at the event, however, you should be able to run the format you'd like to do, via both the skills for the online-ran events and common knowledge - there should be more help in LAN based events as there are more people physically there, just be sure to keep track of time, players and scores where possible.

To summarise, running a tournament/event for Mario Kart Wii has a wide range of consideration points and tasks, however in the end it's often worth it with the end result of a fun event for many to play, especially if it's a new format/concept that may end up working out and showing the community a new way of enjoying playing the game.

If anyone has any major questions please feel free to ask a member of staff or post on this thread to get a response.

We wish everyone the best of luck, and hope that all your tournaments are fun to run, and run smoothly for all to enjoy.

Guide written by Stunky (20th June 2018) and maintained by Staff. Last Edit: N/A


Jul 23, 2018
For anyone thinking about organising a mario kart wii LAN event feel free to add me (tomschrauwen#3771) on discord and i'll gladly help you out. I personally have organised some mkw lan events (spindrift 1 and 2) so i have some actual experience i can share.