How to permanently archive pages from the old


New member
Jun 25, 2018
With the Wayback Machine Chrome extension, you can save any page to the Wayback Machine permanently for anyone to view with only 2 clicks.

1) Install the Wayback Machine extension for Chrome:

2) A new icon should appear on the top-right of your screen. When you're on the page you want to archive, click the icon and hit Save Page Now.

A new tab should open that shows this:

Wait a few seconds while it works and keep the tab open. Once it's done, you'll get redirected to that page on the Wayback Machine:

Your page is now saved to the Wayback Machine!

Some things to take note of:
- It only saves the page you're currently on, so to save an entire thread you'll have to go to every page of that thread and save them individually
- Anything that can only be viewed when you're logged in won't be able to be saved, since it saves the page from a logged-out perspective

Hope this is useful for those who want to preserve their favorite pages from the old site!