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Hi community!

Jul 14, 2018
Zunder Karts
I'm Raukandorg and since I was a child I love to play videogames, specially platformers and RPGs.

I got my Switch 2 weeks ago with MK8DX, so I'm pretty noob yet, but I wanna improve to be a more competent player and maybe, in the future, be part of a team (who knows :unsure:).

I started to play Mario Kart on the DS, on that time I didn't know nothing about the competitive scene, so I played just for fun with my favourite character at that moment R.O.B, wich was very different to the other characters, latter I discover that it was an accessory for the NES, it was cool that they included that robotic accessory as a playable character.

I've never played MKWii or MK8, but with the relese of the SNES mini I had the opportunity to play the original MK, it's amazing how the franchise has improved since that game.

All this said, I only expect to improve and have fun in this community, see ya. (Sorry if I said something wrong, english isn't my mother tongue)