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New member
Dec 16, 2018
North Carolina
So I've had an account here for maybe 2-3 months or so (at least I think so, but I haven't really checked) and since I'm recently getting back in to Mario Kart, I decided to come back to it and actually post something here. I'm more known as Rex or Sealion, I'm fine with whichever but I commonly go by Rex. I mainly like to play MKWii, but I sometimes play MK8/D from time to time, however probably the only mode I like in that is 200cc, as I used to be in a competitive 200cc community before Deluxe came out, and I love the fast pace of it. But anyways, I hope to be around here every so often, however I don't really use forums that often, so I'll probably not post here a whole lot. With that out of the way, I'll see you guys later : )