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Hž - Horizon


New member
Jun 25, 2018

On April 16th, 2017, Horizon expanded into the Deluxe community. Now, after several months of termination, we're back for another round. Horizon's main objective has and always will be to serve as a clan for those looking to join a main clan, and want to have some fun with fellow Mario Kart enthusiasts as well.

Contact Information:
Yellowfish - Discord: Yellowfish#6646 | Forum: @Yellowfish


As per usual, this clan has a few rules of its own.

1. Don't disrespect another member of the clan at any time.
2. Multiclanning, (the act of being in another main clan), is not permitted while you're a member of Horizon.
3. Wear the clans tag at all times, unless you're warring for a sub-clan or allying for another main clan.
4. Be considerate while chatting in the clans server. Think before you do.

Warring Outline:

1. 3v3's through 6v6's are considered wars. Mogi's that involve groups of 3 or 4 will also be counted.
2. Unless a change or specification is requested in the war with our agreement, the 150cc engine class with normal item distribution will be the standard in all clan wars we partake in. The length of a standardized war is 12 races.
3. If by chance a draw occurs, an "overtime" period will commence. These are 4 race extensions that will continue until the tie is broken. Conflicting matters will be dealt with accordingly to compensate the extended play time. 1 track that was previously picked may be chosen again per every 4 race extension for both sides.
4. We do not accept "laptrolling" in the wars we do. The penalty will be applied per every offence committed. The value of the penalty is that of a repick in the corresponding war size.
5. All players representing Horizon and the opposing team(s) must not use the opponents tag at any time. Failure to abide to this rule will result in an equivalent penalty to a
repick in the war.


The trial system is composed of 2 phases.

The first phrase is a 1v1 against 2 different clan members. 4 races with items, and four races without items. You must beat one of the two members in order to become a member.

The second phase is war performances. Your performance in wars will be determined by teamplay, communication, and item usage.

Here is the clans roster, which will be updated regularly:


Plat :flagUS:
Yellowfish :flagUS:


Zappg :flagDE:

Cherry :flagUS:
Gamy :flagUS:
Rhys :flagUK:
Ruben :flagCO:
Saika :flagNL:
Vizi :flagUS:

Coco :flagUS:
LMDS :flagFR:
Sapient :flagUK:
Taco :flagCA:

War Record:

Last war: Win against Mega Nova, 504-480, 6v6.

Note: The banner was created by Fuse, the clans name by Kat.​
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New member
Jul 18, 2018
I am known as the shroom guy the guy who only gets shrooms until the last 10secs