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Guide: How to use Riivolution


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Jun 24, 2018
Prismatic Sunset
It seems like a lot of newer players don't really know how to use Riivolution, which is strange because it's quite easy, this guide will show you how to set it up simply and play other custom track packs besides CTGP.

You'll need a few things before you start:

The Homebrew Channel (There's plenty of guides for this all over the internet, you can do it without it, but it requires extra steps)
An SD or SDHC card (MicroSD adapters work, however, SDXC cards do not)
Riivolution app (included in most Riivolution based packs)
A custom track distribution (there's plenty, although some popular ones are MKW Hack Pack, JHFR CT Pack, and Wiimm's Mario Kart Fun)

After you have all of these, you can get started:

1. Extract the custom track distribution you downloaded onto the root of your sd card, if it asks you to merge any folders, say yes.
2. Power your Wii on or load vWii on your Wii U, and open the Homebrew Channel.
3. Click on Riivolution, and open the app.
4. (Optional, but recommended) Click the install button to install the channel to the Wii Menu (may not work on Wii U, no harm in trying though)
5. Set the option for the track distribution (usually the first option) to "Enabled".
6. Click launch.
7. Profit

Common issues:

You have all the right settings, but the game loads normally
You most likely extracted something wrong, try extracting the pack again

Riivolution freezes or doesn't load
Turn it off and try again, if it happens repeatedly, your sd card may not be compatible

The Riivolution app doesn't appear in the homebrew channel
Try using a different SD card

Certain tracks give black screens
Try reloading, if it keeps happening, the creator of the pack did something wrong, you can't do anything about this, just notify them and wait for them to release a hotfix or update.

Your opponents teleport somewhere else as soon as the race begins, and float/drive in midair and out of bounds
You or them have an incorrect track on that slot, make sure you don't have any tracks in your My Stuff folder (many distributions replace the original 32 tracks with custom tracks, and My Stuff tracks take priority over the pack's tracks.) If there's no tracks there, you're most likely running a different version of the distribution, check if there are any updates available.

Pictures coming soon

Hope this helped, if you have any issues, just post here and i'll try to help
Aug 30, 2018
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I ask why people don't know how to use Riivo myself, but then I realized because most people just use CTGP-R or ISOs/WBFSes. Also don't forget to mention to get codehandler.bin for GCTs (even though most CT packs come with it).