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General Conversation Guidelines


I need new ways to waste my time
Jun 3, 2018
Welcome to the General Conversation section of Mario Kart Boards.
The primary function of this section is to act as a miscellaneous, catch-all section of the forums.

Virtually any topic is allowed here, whether it be about life, sports, travels, school, or anything else you can think of. However, please keep in mind that if you wish to talk about video games, artistic media, or serious discussions and debate, we have designated sections for those topics already.
They can be found below:
Threads which fall into one of the above categories will be relocated to the appropriate section.


Even though this is deemed a miscellaneous section of the boards, we ask that you please still try to formulate posts and/or threads of reasonable quality. Try to avoid threads such as simply linking to a video or article, and posts that are simply "lol" or a couple words in length. We have a 'like' button for a reason.

While this section is for general discussion pertaining to the vast majority of topics, the general rules of the forum still apply and are enforced within this section. Mario Kart Boards staff reserve the right to lock and/or remove any thread which may be deemed inappropriate for the forums if found to violate any rule within the link posted above.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy posting!