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Invite Only GAMT - George Arvo Mark Toad


Most liked member in the MKW community
Jun 24, 2018
Win vs GUN - racewin format

One of the greatest wars in the most competitive ruleset, two MKW giants go head to head on the most competitive track selection seen during all of 2020. All that was missing was gerogio's trolling.

We can once again see above, that, even when we don't play the game more than once a week, we can still destroy GUN with no problem. Winning DKJP with a quad-dodge lap 3 after Eric pulled the shock in 9th caused much chaos in the GAMT hearts, even though beating GUN has, and never will be much of a problem. After the war we asked Nico for a GAMTcasting interview. Here is what he had to say:


As you can clearly see, they can't handle losing very well. I think this is a shame considering the regular, light-hearted nature of the MKW competitive community. Shame on you Nico.

I think it's fair to say the best team won! GGez to GUN, hope to see you in the next tournament where once again, only Eric and Lion know the ruleset. Cringe!