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Invite Only G4L - Geek 4 Life

May 3, 2019
g4l bannière ytb.PNG

The G4L Team was created by Sasa in February 2015, but today in 2019 we are always active! We are currently recruiting active players to support the team!

To join the Team, contact us on Discord ! (™Deedee#0726 / Sasa#6613 / Nico 🦉#2137 / Akiyo#0001)

Leaders :

:flagFR: Sasa
:flagFR: Nico

Administrators :

:flagFR: Akiyo
:flagFR: Deedee

Members : (04/07/2019)

:flagCA: Embrez
:flagFR: Cosmos
:flagFR: Vesfef
:flagFR: Theo
:flagFR: Zoken
:flagFR: Fatal
:flagUS: Serena
:flagFR: Zouzou
:flagFR: CusTom
:flagFR: Saikai
:flagFR: Alessio
:flagFR: Kazam
:flagFR: Shogun
:flagFR: Lewua
:flagFR: Lawliet

War records: (11/07/2019)

Win: 354
Equalities: 03
Losses: 291

Our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUnGMGSLp7n-GuJthpX_ENQ/featured

Our Twitter account: https://twitter.com/Geek4forlife


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Jul 26, 2018
Hello! I recently Quit MKW about 5 months ago and I have come back and I practiced and now I feel like I am ready to get into competive! So I would like to Join this clan. Now of course I can’t just say that and instantly get in so If you would like to talk to me and tell me What it takes to become a member here is my discord to contact me NoctaRacer#5723 Thanks for reading!