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FFA Tournament [August 26th]

Aug 16, 2018
Cape Cod
Date: August 26th 2018
Start time: 1 PM EST (6 PM UK TIME)
Registration deadline: 12:30 PM EST (5:30 PM UK TIME)
Player limit: No limit.
Organizer(s)'s Discord: Declan #6904

Rules for hosting
1. You must have OpenHost and the most recent update to CTGP-R to register as a host. Hosts must set the following Page 4 and 5 CTGP Channel Settings to:
Page 4:
- Track Availability [Nintendo Tracks]
- Specific Engine Class [Normal]
- Race Count [4]
- Thundercloud Autofire [Normal]
- Thundercloud Effect [Normal]
- Room Encryption [OFF]
- Available Vehicles [All Vehicles]
- Host Always Wins Vote [OFF]

Page 5:
- Item Rain [OFF]
- All Items Can Land [OFF]
- Network Data Rate [Normal]
- Item Boxes [ON]
- Only accept CTGP users? [NO]
- Allow My Stuff users? [YES] or [No replaced tracks]
2. If you can host a room, post in this thread with your friend code and Discord ID. Alternatively, message me on Discord.
3. A host will only re-open room if three or more players disconnect during the same race (the room split, a mass dc).
4. Please let a tournament organizer know if anything happens in your room (a dc, trolling, cheating, teaming). Try to note down scores and update a tournament organizer with scores after GP1 and GP2.
5. Make sure that you check on http://wiimmfi.de/mkw that all the players in your room are registered participants.

General rules
1. You must have an account on mariokartboards.com to register. If you're banned from the site you're welcome to register by sending me a message on Discord. Also if you cannot access the site due to your IP just send me a message on discord and I will put you in the tournament.
2. When you sign up to the FFA, you agree to the rules of the FFA and to the final decisions of the FFA organizer(s).
3. Rules are subject to change without notice. Anything announced by the organizer in this thread will overwrite any relevant rule. Trying to outsmart the rules or organizer(s) will result in immediate disqualification. Use common sense when participating and don't do anything that would get you penalised by the WL rules (council).
4. If you choose to use CTGP-R with the most recent update to register. Players must set the following Page 1 CTGP Channel Settings to:
- Custom Tracks [ON]
- My Stuff Folder [OFF] or [No replaced tracks]
- Mii Heads on Minimap [NO]
- Draggable Blue Shells [NO]
5. Free choice of vehicles, characters, and controllers.
6. The following track glitches are not allowed:
1. Mushroom Gorge (over the rock glitch)
2. Coconut Mall (OOB glitch)
3. Grumble Volcano (around the rock glitch)
4. Maple Treeway (ultra glitch and any variation of the position glitch)
5. Mario Circuit (Tree clip glitch)
6. Rainbow Road (any method of the ultra glitch)
7. Wario's gold mine (pipe glitch)
8. GCN Peach Beach (tree clip)
9. GCN Waluigi Stadium (through the fence)
10. N64 DK's Jungle Parkway (tree clip)
11. N64 Sherbet Land (Respawn glitch)
a. If a player glitches, that race will count but scores are to be adjusted so that the glitcher(s) finishes last. The glitcher(s) are to be removed before the following race.
7. A player that repeats a track will receive a -15 points penalty.
8. No custom tracks are to be chosen.
a. If a custom track is picked for any race, that race will not count and the host must reset the room. The person responsible may suffer disqualification. All races played before will count towards the final score of the round in which it took place.
9. No trolling other participants. Trollers are to be removed before the following race.
10. A participant is not allowed to change his/her friend code after the tournament has started.
11. A participant is not allowed to ask another player to sub him/her. The only exception is if the person who got 6th has to go and the person who got 7th is able to sub in.
12. Voice communication with other players during the FFA in the same room is strictly prohibited. A player found to be guilty of voice communication or teaming will be immediately disqualified from the FFA.
13. The tournament organizer(s) reserve rights to take action on instances that is believed to prevent the tournament from running smoothly. This includes, but is not limited to: players causing toxic connection, warping around the room, manipulating the rules, etc.

Scoring system
1. The total points a player earns is the sum of the two GPs. Three GPs are played for the final round.
2. If a player disconnects before race one (does not show up on the results screen for race one), they will receive 18 points for the GP. However, if a player did not show up to a gp (did not join hosts room) they will score 0 points for that gp. If a player disconnects during race one, the player will receive 15 points for the GP. After race one, if a player disconnects, they will receive the points they had prior (if they can give evidence to their score before disconnecting) to disconnecting and 3 additional points for every race they do not show up on the results.

1. Groups are generated using a randomizer.
2. Players must add their respective host and join when the room is opened. Players have 10 minutes to join the room from the starting time of the round. If the round starts at 17:00, then players must join before 17:11.
3. I will specify the number of players advancing before each round. It is not always the top 6 that will advance to the next round.
4. If there is a tie for a place that would normally determine who advances in the tournament: a single race will be played between the tied players to decide who advances.
5. If there are no hosts available, I will select participants out of the available players to disqualify. If you sign-up with an unrecognisable name or friend code you're more likely to be disqualified.

1. Take pictures if you can. Please note down the scores for the room you're in, in case there are no pictures. Hosts should do this.
2. Once the round is complete, post the pictures with the final standings in the forum.
3. When posting results make sure to clearly show who is proceeding to the next round and next to their name post their friend code. You should also include the score of the players that did not advance.

When you register it should look like this: Declan (4215-0694-1608) (Discord ID if you plan on hosting)

Credit to 255mp and ThaCoolness for the original rule system. Reworked by myself, then reworked by Savannah and MKBoards. Also credits to Norway since I basically just copied this from him lol. If you notice any errors, contradictions, or if you want to make a suggestion, feel free to leave a message.

Aug 16, 2018
Cape Cod
Thread Starter #2
Participants: 24
Hosts: 4
1. Declan (4215-0694-1608) can host (Declan #6904)
2. owen (0990-5705-3575
3. Jake (4086-2203-7903)
4. Cobra (2796-5074-6979)
5. PradaFeign (2752-5889-8498)
6.Fred (0864-9967-3080) (can host)Fred#5658
7. embrez (5460-6107-9896)
8. SP (5243-7160-5304)
9.SamuelCGJ (4255-7966-8169) (can host)SamuelCGJ#2669
10.Burke22 (0132-2767-7407)
11. Duval (2754-7811-7215) CANT PLAY
12. Torpedo (4213-0294-7775)
13. GAMT Toad (2065-7782-0410)
14. TheGAMTbob (4988-1640-7334)
15. GAMT Kevin (3527-8763-0388)
16.XF-reDavid (4084-4278-8489) (Can Host) Callum#5696
17. s (0392-5489 8393)
18. Ryan W (0006-0016-8023)
19. Daremow (3699-6745-1611)
20. Jax51B1 (1337-4436-0274)
21. Ruffy (0220-7510-8777) can host if needed CANT PLAY
22. Trippy (GAMT 60) (1294-4917-9075)
23. Leo (1723-9905-0590)
24. INami mahiro (3742-6250-4998)
25. Klyne (4902-2660-3458)
26. Basti (4129-1687-4066)
27. Freezed 0607 2990 4561SPOILER]
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Jun 25, 2018
SP 5243-7160-5304
Aug 16, 2018
Cape Cod
Thread Starter #20
1 hour left to sign up!!!! Spread this ffa around everywhere so we can get more people!