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Editing Drift Colors Correctly

Emil 595

Kid Curry
Media Staff
Jun 24, 2018
KG / S¢ / Yn / Dαιsγ
Hey guys it's Emil here and I'm going to tell you about editing drift colors correctly. Before I start, however, I'd like to give a special shoutout to @♪KGTrixter♪ for helping me a lot with drift color editing.

Alright. So before you start doing your edits, you are going to need some things. What you will require is listed below.

Wiimm's SZS Tools: http://szs.wiimm.de/download.html Download this according to the type of operating system you have on your computer

Hex Editor: You can find one on the internet. I would highly recommend using HxD Hex Editor. It is the simplest editor I have used for this type of thing.

So once you have DL'd all of those things you can get started.

After installing Wiimm's SZS tools you must go into the bin folder and put your clean Common.szs there. Once you have done that. Go ahead and launch szs-console.exe and type in the following command:
wszst extract --all Common.szs

Once you type this you should see newly created folder called Common.d.
Since you have used the extract --all command you have access to the "Effects" folder in Common.d
In order to find the drift colors you will need to look in the following directory: Common.d > Effect > RKRace.breff (THE FOLDER)
Once you get to this folder you will see a series of files:

For these files you will have to edit specific hex codes to the color of your desire. Do not make it too dark or too light. Try to have a kinda in between color. For rk_blueChip files, you only need to edit 2 hex codes.
Keep in mind. The code that you see in the circle is the one that I used. The codes will be different.

Once you have selected your hex code, then you can proceed to the other blueSpark files. Each of these files have different lines to edit but they all have the 2 lines in the blueChip files as one of the editable lines.

Offsets to edit for blueSpark files:
rk_blueSpark00 = 158-15e , 230 , 264 , 26c , 2c0 , 2f4 , 2fc
rk_blueSpark00_1T = 158-15e , 25c , 264 , 2ec , 2f4-2fa
rk_blueSpark01 = 158-15e , 268 , 274 , 2b0
rk_blueSpark01_1T = 158-15e , 268 , 2f0 , 2fc
rk_blueSpark02 = 158-15e , 268 , 2f0 , 2fc
rk_blueSpark02_1T = 158-15e , 268 , 2f0 , 2fc

Once you edit those files with the codes that you desire most for your color you are going to edit the drift spark files. If you do not know what files I am talking about look here: http://prntscr.com/a5kyif
Unfortunate thing is that all the blue hex codes are scrambled so you will have to go looking for those through ALL of the files. Checking whether the hex code is blue or orange is an easy process. Just go to this site and enter the hex code: http://html-color-codes.info/

Once you have done that you should be all set to be done with your Blue Mini Turbo editing. Now you will need to recreate the Common.szs file. In order to do that you are going to go to szs-console.exe and type in this command to create the file: wszst create Common.d --overwrite
What the "--overwrite" does is ensure that the old Common.szs gets replaced and then once you have your Common.szs, just put it on your MyStuff folder and make sure it's enabled when playing.

Hope this thread helps a lot of people. I plan on making a video for this soon.

Orange Mini Turbo editing might be slightly different. I am currently unsure of it but the orange codes are also mixed in with the drift spark files but should be easy to find. If you want to try doing the same thing with the orangeSpark files as the blueSpark files, go ahead and try it out and let me know how it goes. Happy editing! :)
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