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Easy new method to access Wiimmfi on regular Wii!

Aug 4, 2018
United Kingdom
A brand new exploit came out for Wii a few days back, in the flash player of the Internet Channel, called FlashHax made by Fullmetal5. Using it, it's possible to get Wiimmfi (or any other kind of homebrew), without needing to mess around on the computer, set up an SD card or anything along those lines. In fact, no SD card or former homebrew is required at all!


A regular Wii console, not Wii U.
Working configured Internet connection on the Wii.
Internet Channel (which you can download for free from the Wii shop till Jan 2019).
MKW (or other) game disc you wish to play on Wiimmfi.

PAL users (Europe/Australia, etc) should set their TV to either of the 60Hz modes (480i or 480p).
Currently NTSC-J and K do not work.

  1. Load Internet Channel on the Wii, and use it to go to chadsoft.co.uk/wiimmfi
  2. Bookmark the page by clicking on the star icon at the bottom, then the "Add Favorite" button.
  3. Exit, insert game disc, and reload the Internet Channel, then go back to the favourites list and click the Wiimmfi button.
  4. If all goes well, the Internet Channel will boot into the disc patcher automatically and the game will load!

If it fails, simply reset the console until it works, as the exploit is slightly hit or miss. Every time you wish to play online, you will have to repeat the final two steps (go to the favourites and click the website).

The usual error codes associated with Wiimmfi and the Internet apply (e.g. the one week wait for Mario Kart). More troubleshooting stuff can be seen in my video tutorial's description (below).

Video demonstration/tutorial:

This method is particularly suited to newcomers without any technical or computer knowledge, or for people who were scared to hack their console at risk of consequences; this exploit leaves no trace on the system that it was ever there. So even if you have Wiimmfi, if you know someone who is on the fence about getting it, this could be their access route!

Hope this helps out!
Oct 24, 2018
I would just like to say this-
Thank you.

While I was searching a bin of old stuff my family and I had, I found a peculiar wheel. It didn't take long to realize this was a Mario kart Wii wheel. I had been interested in looking for one for a couple of weeks in 2016, until I went home and my Dad got me one. However, our copy of Mariokart wasn't working. When we got a new copy around the time before 2016's Black Friday. Upon booting it up, I tried to find the Mario Kart Channel, but was not surprised when it said the Nintendo NFC was over.

After wanting to get into a forum because something was just so magical about them, I discovered Wiimmfi, and I didn't want to homebrew anything as that can break my Wii and my Dad would get mad at me probably.

This solved all my problems, and I do need verification but still thank you for all the online stuff, I can't believe after 10 years this game is still alive.