Doodle's Time Trials


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Jul 1, 2018
I pretty much only TT on 200cc apart from a few tracks on 150cc that I enjoy driving on. I'll make the thread look more aesthetically pleasing another time.

Times in Green are times that I'm satisfied with. Yellow is average. Red is bad.


Last update: September 3, 2018

Mario Kart Stadium: 1:09.639
Water Park: 1:12.173 (6th WW)
Sweet Sweet Canyon:
Thwomp Ruins: 1:18.845

Mario Circuit: 1:14.835
Toad Harbor:
Twisted Mansion: 1:24.591
Shy Guy Falls: 1:28.371

Sunshine Airport: 1:29.974
Dolphin Shoals: 1:24.944
Mount Wario: 1:17.150 (9th WW)

Cloudtop Cruise:
Bone Dry Dunes: 1:23.827
Bowser's Castle:
Rainbow Road: 1:35.750

Wii Moo Moo Meadows: 59.907
GBA Mario Circuit: 1:01.695 (6th WW)
DS Cheep Cheep Beach: 1:16.728 (2nd WW)
N64 Toad's Turnpike: 1:12.690 (8th WW)

GCN Dry Dry Desert: 1:22.868
SNES Donut Plains 3: 57.723 (4th WW)
N64 Royal Raceway: 1:24.728 (2nd WW)
3DS DK Jungle:

DS Wario Stadium:
GCN Sherbet Land: 1:18.456 (3rd WW)
3DS Music Park: 1:24.830 (6th WW)
N64 Yoshi Valley: 1:25.154 (WR)

DS Tick-Tock Clock:
3DS Pirhana Plant Slide: 1:29.611
Wii Grumble Volcano:
N64 Rainbow Road: 57.149 (5th WW)

GCN Yoshi Circuit: 1:16.822
Excitebike Arena:
Dragon Driftway:
Mute City: 1:22.642

Wii Wario's Gold Mine: 1:26.229 (WR)
SNES Rainbow Road: 1:03.906
Ice Ice Outpost:
Hyrule Circuit: 1:23.166

GCN Baby Park: 47.219
GBA Cheese Land: 1:22.134
Wild Woods: 1:18.406 (9th WW)
Animal Crossing: 1:12.901

3DS Neo Bowser City: 1:22.036
GBA Ribbon Road:
Super Bell Subway: 1:14.545 (3rd WW)
Big Blue:

The only 150cc times that I care about:

Rainbow Road: 2:01.365
SNES Donut Plains 3: 1:15.041 (WR)
Wii Wario's Gold Mine 2:03.643
3DS Neo Bowser City: 1:45.877 (With King Boo)
Big Blue: 1:24.750


Current # of World Records: 2
Current # of Worldwide Top 10s: 15
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Jul 1, 2018
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Water Park: 1:12.676 --> 1:12.173 (6th WW)
Finally got rid of that inward time. I'd like to sub or WR one day but the stairs are a real killer for my motivation.

Shy Guy Falls: 1:28.371
11th WW literally because I continued with a lap 1 that's .4 slower than my best split. My best splits give 1:27.5 so I'm not satisfied with this run.

Mount Wario: 1:17.866 --> 1:17.150 (9th WW)
Decent. S2 carried this run pretty hard. With a better S1 and S3 I could get a mid 16 but I doubt that'll ever happen! :)

Bone Dry Dunes: 1:23.827
Just a time sheet filler for now. Would like to get tops one day.

GBA Mario Circuit: 1:01.695 (6th WW)
Laps 2 and 3 were so bad. Can AR/2nd WW

N64 Toad's Turnpike: 1:13.180 --> 1:12.690 (8th WW)
Satisfied with this time for now. I'll return when my spot in the top 10 is threatened (or i get bored, whatever comes first).

GCN Dry Dry Desert: 1:22.868
Time sheet filler. Goal is to get a 1:20.

SNES Donut Plains 3: 58.763 --> 57.723 (4th WW)
This was WR when I set it. Maybe in 1 year I'll go for a 56.

N64 Rainbow Road: 57.699 --> 57.149 (5th WW)
Good enough.

Hyrule Circuit: 1:23.166
Time sheet filler.

Super Bell Subway: 1:14.545 --> 1:14.357 (3rd WW)
Lap 3 carried hard.