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Division 5: Introduction


Active member
CTL Staff
Jun 28, 2018
Succeed or Perish

Hey! My name is Online and I will be the RTD5 division admin for this season. Hopefully everyone that's involved will have an enjoyable season, and I will try my very best to make sure that it runs as smoothly as I possibly can be. Anyways, play fair, be responsible and most importantly have fun!

the rules.png

Blue Thunder (Victoria Bitters 2)
Rentorar - Rentorar#6766
Scott - Scott#3379
Ryoya - Rγøγα*#2084

Crossfire Melee
Callum - Callum#5696
Kona - Kona#5555

Division 99
Dermo - Dermo#1605
Trashy - trashy#0027

Golden Haze
Taco - Taco#3145
Mr. 64 - Mr. 64#3942
Alex99 - Alex99#9046

Succeed or Perish
Raptor - Raptor#3687
Starstrike - Starstrike#9718

Team APE
Kyon - Kyon#9767
Zatlo - zatlo#0388
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