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Division 4 - Introduction


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MKPS Staff
Jun 25, 2018

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Unfortunately, I'm running out of nice way to put this but for this season, I'll be you guys' Division Admin.
Most people know me as "Niko" but any other nickname (Kneekoe, nikos) works just as fine; choice's all yours.

I'll say this in advance for hopefully everyone's sake but expressing childish behaviour in the representatives' chat may lead you to have your role removed by myself; other DAs may be a bit more forgiving here but honestly, if you're gonna attack each other, then settle this in DMs preferably as this should not happen in the representatives' chat.

Also, don't forget to familiarize yourself with the ruleset if you haven't and don't hesitate to ask me any questions if you happen to have any either.

AND please do try to Keep representatives consistent as opposed to making me toss out roles on the daily - I may consider crafting a banner for everyone just for that,,,
But seriously, it'd be appreciated if teams didn't switch their reps on the daily.

With that being said: good luck to all Teams (and enduring me as your DA.) !​

Team Representatives:
g. All teams will have 2 player representatives (a third representative will be allowed on an emergency basis). These player representatives will be the only ones organizing their team’s matches throughout the league, no one else.
g.i. All team representatives must cooperate with the requests of their division administrators. Failure to cooperate will result in removal as a team representative and the team in question havin to find a replacement.​
h. All player representatives for each team will be added to a Discord channel made by the league admin(s) for their division. The league admin(s) and the division admin will oversee the channel. All match organization is to be taken place in the channel.
*h.i. Any team that does not organize a match in their respective Discord channel runs the risk of receiving a strike and the staff ruling any proof of rule(s) being broken as invalid.​

Division Admin:
Niko (nikos#6942)


Apocalypse 2:
Camelot (Alfredo B#0001)
Jonas (JonasP#1201)

Battle Cry Eclipse
Mitch (Mitch☺#2965)
Sean (yin#0774)
sirius (Ali~#9999)

Aura (maximoose ❥#3667)
Gerogio (Gerogio#1344)
SparX (Logan#1652)

Berry (Berry.#9425)
Dermo (Dermo#1605)
Zach (Z.#7670)

Succeed or Perish:
Daragh (Daragh#6401)
Raptor (Raptor#3687)

Team Young:
Fred (Fred#5658)
Jadid (Jadid#9148)
Simo (Young Truffaldino#0126)
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