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Division 3 - Introduction


Media Staff
Jun 25, 2018

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Hey I'm Tea and I'm the division admin for this division (yeet)
Team Representatives:

Division Admin:
Tea (tea#4982)
ΞU - Ecastasy

Daylon (柊 シノア#0222)
Jaggy (Jaggy#3420)

EXO - Explorers of Darkness
Articuno (Articuno#3970)
Matt (M¿#2019)

I$ - In$ane
Charge (Charge#1337)
Kiralte (Kiralte#1530)

κ`s - Kaisers
Alex (Zzz#9324)
Monyz (Monyz#4938 )

Mo - Moonblast
Jos (Jos#4225)
Taz (taz#1866)
Matt (Matt#5792)

RS - Resurrection I
StripE (StripE#7873)
Skitty (skyleaf#1408)

APE - Team APE
Jadid (Jadid#9148)
Zatlo (zatlo#0388)

MV - Millivolt
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