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Division 1 - Introduction


Thanks for the chance
Jun 3, 2018
Hi there, I'm Stunky and I'm going to be your Division Admin for this season. Won't spend ages doing a huge essay, but basically I've been a DA for a number of seasons, I'm not playing RTWL this season and I'm playing CTWL for Battle Cry Lunar in CTD3, because being unable to break through bottom division is cool with me.​

Not exactly sure what else to add so I'll just throw out these few things:

1. This is probably something only I in particular do but - if you try to start fights in the representatives' chat, don't expect me to sit idle -> it may end up in you being removed from the reps chat as well possibly as any personal issues should just be kept to yourself.​
2. Take this as a "just-in-case" matter but there may be times where I might not update ASAP in which case I will let you know in the representatives' chat.​
I'd appreciate if you understand in case me updating does take a bit longer than usual.​
Sometimes it's because I wanna update every match at once per week, sometimes rescheduling messes stuff up, etc. (just to mention a few reasons).​
3. Also make sure to not rotate your representatives every single week. (pls actually don't do that or i'll roar.)
4. If you have any questions about rules, the ruleset itself or anything else, don't hesitate to let myself (I'll be a messenger) or a member of the council know.​
And with all that out of the way: Good Luck to everyone!​
(Yes I adapted it from Niko please don't judge me)​

Team Representatives:
g. All teams will have 2 player representatives (a third representative will be allowed on an emergency basis). These player representatives will be the only ones organizing their team’s matches throughout the league, no one else.
g.i. All team representatives must cooperate with the requests of their division administrators. Failure to cooperate will result in removal as a team representative and the team in question havin to find a replacement.​
h. All player representatives for each team will be added to a Discord channel made by the league admin(s) for their division. The league admin(s) and the division admin will oversee the channel. All match organization is to be taken place in the channel.
*h.i. Any team that does not organize a match in their respective Discord channel runs the risk of receiving a strike and the staff ruling any proof of rule(s) being broken as invalid.​

Division Admin:
Stunky --- Stunky#4913

Ballin --- Ballin#2093
Negens --- Negens343#8329

Charged Brigade
Tricks --- Tricks#2575
Zero --- zero#7909

Metro Wipeout
Chéron --- Chéron#8132
shamron --- shamron#6501

Mat --- Mat#5096
Sammeh --- Daniel#1000

Barney --- barney#9384

Killua --- Killua#6523
Quinn --- Quinn#7021
Skitty --- skyleaf#1408
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