Divine's Time Trials


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Aug 10, 2018
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I never really took Mario Kart Time Trials all that seriously until MK7. I didn't really get good at doing them until MK8D, so I figured why not make a list of my own personal TT's here. I'm only doing runs on all the tracks on 150ccc at the moment, but eventually I will expand into 200ccc and inward. Overtime this thread will look more visually pleasing to other viewers, so please bear with the current layout for now.

Please note that I hadn't done every track in MK8D yet, so I will list them as n/a. All tracks as of 8/10/2018 are accurate.


Mushroom Cup
Mario Kart Stadium: n/a
Water Park: n/a
Sweet Sweet Canyon: 1:51.957 (Decent)
Thwomp Ruins: n/a

Flower Cup
Mario Circuit: 1:48.816 (OK I guess)
Toad Harbor: n/a
Twisted Mansion: n/a
Sky Guy Falls: n/a

Star Cup
Sunshine Airport: n/a (Started to work on this track)
Dolphin Shoals: n/a
Electrodrome: n/a
Mount Wario: n/a

Special Cup
Cloudtop Cruise: n/a
Bone-Dry Dunes: n/a
Bowser's Castle: n/a
Rainbow Road: n/a

Egg Cup
Yoshi's Circuit: n/a
Excitebike Arena: n/a
Dragon Driftway: n/a
Mute City: n/a

Crossing Cup
Baby Park: n/a
Cheese Land: n/a
Wild Woods: n/a
Animal Crossing: n/a

Shell Cup
(Wii) Moo Moo Meadows: n/a
(GBA) Mario Circuit: n/a
(DS) Cheep Cheep Beach: n/a
(N64) Toad's Turnpike: n/a

Banana Cup
(GCN) Dry Dry Desert: n/a
(SNES) Donut Plains 3: n/a
(N64) Royal Raceway: n/a
(3DS) DK Jungle: n/a

Leaf Cup
(DS) Wario's Stadium: n/a
(GCN) Sherbet Land: n/a
(3DS) Music Park: n/a
(N64) Yoshi's Valley: n/a

Lightning Cup
(DS) Tick-Tock Clock: n/a
(3DS) Piranha Plant Slide: n/a
(Wii) Grumble Volcano: n/a
(N64) Rainbow Road: n/a

Triforce Cup

(Wii) Wario's Gold Mine: 2:04.179 (Top 10 American/6th USA)
(SNES) Rainbow Road: n/a
Ice Ice Outpost: n/a
Hyrule Circuit: n/a

(3DS) Neo Bowser City: 1:47.864 (Decent)
(GBA) Ribbon Road: n/a
Super Bell Subway: n/a
Big Blue: 1:25.783 (Decent)