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Jun 3, 2018
Welcome to the Discussion and Debate section of the forums.
As can be expected, this section will host threads featuring a more serious and mature vibe. While it is perfectly acceptable for anyone to join in on the discussions, or make one of their own, we ask that you please post with respect to the topic at hand and towards other users. The best and easiest way to get meaningful discussion going is to avoid outright flaming and trolling others within this section of the boards.

  • Keep on topic - Please try to avoid veering away from the point of what is being discussed/debated.
  • Know your topic - When creating a new thread for discussion, please try to be fully aware of what your topic is about.
  • Be respectful - If the person you are debating with stops responding intelligently and begins trolling/flaming, report them to staff.

As always, the Global Rules of the forum still apply.

However, they will be lesser-enforced and will be slightly more lax for this section of the forum. We understand the potential for some topics in this section to approach the borderline-inappropriate area. So long as your thread is well laid out with constructive points and discussion, your thread should have no problem remaining open and free for debate.

* Remember, this section of the forums is designated for serious topics.
Threads with a simple topic or question, such as "What is your favorite TV show?" are not welcome here. If you believe your thread isn't suited for serious discussion or debate, your thread is likely more appropriate for the General Conversation section of the forum.

Thank you for reading.
Not open for further replies.