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[DEVELOPING TUTORIAL] How to make a 32 (or less) CT pack

Aug 30, 2018
estado unidos de poop
Hey guys, it's me Fancy here and welcome!
In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make your own 32 track CT pack.
I recommend strongly to use Notepad++ for this.

This section will teach you the core part of a CT pack, loading the CTs.
1. Make a new XML file
2. For the first line, put <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3. For the second line, put <wiidisc version="1">
4. For the third and fourth line, put:
<id game="RMC" disc="0" version="0">
Note: If your XML won't have any differences between each region, then leave it at "RMC", if it will have (slighty) different XMLs for each region, then include the region type.
5. Leave line 5 blank and go to line 6, where you'll put <options>
Now just leave line 7 blank and now you have the first few necessary lines

This is Part 2 of Section 1: The Basics
Last where we left off, we got the key stuff at the top of our XML, now let's get a bit deeper.
1. In line 8, do <section name="MKWPACK">
You can replace MKWPACK with anything you want, make sure to not remove the quotations.
2. Skip line 9 and go to line 10, on line 10, do <option name="CTPACK">
You can change CTPACK to anything you want, again, make sure not to remove the quotations.
Tutorial still WIP
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