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DD 100-0 C9

Jun 24, 2018
Due to unfortunate events, C9 has decided to forfeit.

After asking us multiple times for a reschedule, we kept saying no, you've already rescheduled twice now. (not my opinion but w/e)

ThéoToday at 3:32 PM

and why you reschedule to sunday if you dont have 5 on sunday ?

-4000 iq

beth ✨Today at 3:33 PM

no response

ZillaToday at 3:33 PM

Our players just dropped. Don’t say shit if you don’t know the story

beth ✨Today at 3:33 PM


whats the story then

ThéoToday at 3:34 PM

just dropped for el

ZillaToday at 3:34 PM


Gangbang Mr. Dang's Wang.Today at 3:34 PM

Seems like they didn't have their best player so they refuse to war

DolphinBOTToday at 3:34 PM

Congrats @Gangbang Mr. Dang's Wang., you just reached 7 VR!

beth ✨Today at 3:34 PM


ThéoToday at 3:34 PM

see you week 6

beth ✨Today at 3:34 PM

Gangbang Mr. Dang's Wang.Today at 3:34 PM

ZillaToday at 3:34 PM

Shut the fuck up you towel head

beth ✨Today at 3:35 PM


Boodog9Today at 3:35 PM

Calm down zilla

beth ✨Today at 3:35 PM

imagine being retarded

Gangbang Mr. Dang's Wang.Today at 3:35 PM

Towel head? XD

beth ✨Today at 3:35 PM

could not be me


Joeey (5/4)Today at 3:38 PM

@Zilla DM a Rep for god sake.

2bye 🌌Today at 3:43 PM

zilla dummy stupid


YellowfishToday at 3:44 PM

Can at :15

dinoToday at 3:48 PM

We have 5


Joeey (5/4)Today at 3:49 PM

Whom has 5?

Is this EL

dinoToday at 3:49 PM


Joeey (5/4)Today at 3:49 PM


@here 5v5 at :00 potentially?

ILoveSMBToday at 3:49 PM


LyonToday at 3:49 PM

are you serious

ILoveSMBToday at 3:50 PM

what now

dinoToday at 3:50 PM


LyonToday at 3:50 PM


this is so annoying

ILoveSMBToday at 3:50 PM

isn't someone already making post(edited)

dinoToday at 3:50 PM

bc we have 5 now

my sister kicked me off my wii

but she let me on again

is ur members offline

Joeey (5/4)Today at 3:51 PM

Wait you're rescheduling for NOW?

I thought GH was badly organised lol

dinoToday at 3:51 PM


ILoveSMBToday at 3:51 PM

we're taking a poll in el chat

Btw the vote that we kinda did in DD:

That was before SMB posted that message but our opinion is still the same. However, the final decision shall be up to staff.