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CTGP-R Leaderboard System for Nintendo and Custom Tracks - Thoughts and suggestions?

Aug 4, 2018
United Kingdom

First and foremost, greetings! I am MrBean35000vr, one of the developers of the Mario Kart Wii CTGP Revolution custom track pack, and I'm looking for advice and suggestions for an upcoming project that's currently being worked on.

As some of you may already be aware, currently under development in CTGP Revolution is a time trial leaderboard system and ghost download/upload service, accessible through the CTGP Revolution Channel. The idea is that you will be able to view rankings and download/upload ghosts from within the CTGP-R Channel for both Nintendo tracks and custom tracks (you can even place tracks in the My Stuff folder to TT on tracks not currently in CTGP, and they can have leaderboards too). The service is meant to be somewhat similar to what Nintendo WFC used to provide (and what Wiimmfi currently provides), but with some differences.

The main differences are really in place to address certain limitations that Nintendo did not; such as having multiple time trial categories per track, being able to download any ghost and not just the current Regional/Worldwide leader, the ability to upload as many ghosts at once instead of only one ghost per connection (yeah, that was a feature), a reporting system for bad ghosts, and a filter system whereby you can look for specific time trials (e.g. kart only, shroomless, fast lap, etc.).

Some of the other stuff that we've developed are things like the displaying of the shroomstrat a ghost used, a more precise time value with 12 decimal places (though we show to 3 decimal places by default, you can view the rest on a detailed view), whether a ghost may or may not have used rapidfire and slowdown, and the WR history for a given track. In the game itself, all ghost data is stored to the SD card and you can save any time trial ghost you want, even if it's not your fastest time, should you wish to.

Category detection is done automatically within the game by monitoring where a ghost goes and does not go on the track. The five categories we have right now are "Normal", "Shortcut", "No Shortcut", "Glitch" and "Other". The "Normal" category refers to a standard 3-lap time trial with no abuse of a start line bug. However, if a track has a special shortcut allowed in some categories but not others (such as the Grumble rock hop), then the "Normal" category vanishes completely and is replaced by the "Shortcut" category and anyone who doesn't do the shortcut is placed in the "No Shortcut" category. This is really to avoid conflict by calling one of those categories (Shortcut/No Shortcut) the "normal" way to do things. The "Glitch" category is for abuse of the start line bug, (e.g. Wario's Gold Mine pipe bounce) which is easy to detect in-game. The "Other" category currently has no use, we may use it for TAS runs if people like that idea.

The main downside is that in order to take advantage of these new features, the ghost has to be created within CTGP. As it currently stands, I know CTGP is not acceptable as a platform for Nintendo track time trials, and I'd like to try to change that, by doing things such as disabling the My Stuff folder and removing the speedometer when doing Nintendo TTs, so it's as close to the normal game as possible. I'd also like to make it easier for Nintendo track TTers to use CTGP as a base by releasing a build of CTGP that doesn't contain custom tracks, which would make it so there's no annoying updates to have to sit through that have no relevance, reduce the size, but still have all the features that CTGP otherwise provides, including the new ghost service. This may be useful for CSL too, since I know CTGP is used as a measure to reduce hackers.

That said, I will import ghosts from various databases to try to recreate the Worldwide top 10s for each Nintendo track, and the BKT of every custom track. We can display times for which the ghost is not available, which may come in handy in some instances. And any Nintendo track time trials will be saved to both the SD card and the saved game, so you can view them outside of CTGP and upload them to the Wiimmfi leaderboards and any other databases you may wish to, too. The CTGP-R Channel leaderboards won't accept non-CTGP made ghosts by default, but I am willing to import runs made outside of CTGP by hand if the community considers the run to be legitimate, since it's not fair to expect everyone to use it.

I hope this feature set will be useful to people and that you all like the sound of it, however I want to make sure that we get this project right first time, so I'm here to gather opinions and ask a few questions. In the past with CTGP, the amount of contact we've had with the competitive scene has been limited, and it's lead to some, er, conflict and unhappiness in the past that I don't think anyone handled particularly well, myself included. So, this time, I want to get it right and make sure people don't feel like they're being ignored.
First of all, here are some questions that I'm curious about...

- How does this all sound so far? Are there any changes you'd make to features I mentioned above?
- Are there any other features you'd like to see (more stats we can log, more leaderboard filters, etc)?
- What totally banned shorcuts exist (on Nintendo tracks and custom) and do you think they deserve their own category? (It's very easy for me to make categories and detect player movement, so it's no problem if people are interested).
- Would it be a nice idea to accept TAS runs that sync on a Wii to their own category so you can watch them on console? (Proper TAS, not the silly ghost cloning nonsense, that is.)
- If I did fix up CTGP to make it so it doesn't load My Stuff/Speedometer during Nintendo track TTs, is that enough to make the pack acceptable for proper time trials? If not, is there anything else I can do?
- Does the idea of a build of CTGP without custom tracks sound useful?
- Would it be a nice idea to have these leaderboards accessible in a browser as well as on the Wii?
- How important are regional rankings to people and would you like me to focus on having them added right away in the first release, or can that wait until a later date?
- What order should I present categories to people when they pick a track? No times are displayed until the user picks, so there is no "default" category. (Current order: Normal, Glitch, Other or Shorcut, Glitch, No Shorcut, Other)

Finally, if anyone has any questions or other suggestions, please let me know!

Few other screenshots... (please note that all are subject to change and will likely be updated!)



Former CL Staff
Jul 25, 2018
On the CTGP website's leaderboard, there is a filter for certain vehicles (for example, Mach Bike, Flame Runner, etc.). It would be nice if that was a thing on the ghost database as well.
Sep 12, 2018
Maybe you could add a ghost switch for the multi ghosts where you press a for the pov to move to the other ghost similar to spectating online races. Hope you could add this in, and I hope you like the suggestion!