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CT Lounge 2v2v2v2v2v2 Tournament [Saturday September 15, 2018]


Jun 25, 2018
Hey all, we're back at it with another CT Lounge tournament. This one is aimed to happen right before the WL season starts as to not conflict with anything. If more information about WL dates are released, the date could very well change for this event, but for now it is set to the date below.

This time, for format will be 2v2v2v2v2v2, so gather a friend and play some custom tracks with us. The prizes will be as follows:

1st place team - 350 ELO each
2nd place team - 250 ELO each
3rd place team - 150 ELO each

As well as possible banners (if we can find somebody to help us create some)

Hosted by: CT Mogi Lounge
Tournament: 2v2v2v2v2v2 (FFA)
Date: Saturday September 15
Start time: Saturday September 15th (3:30pm) EST, 20:30 (8:30pm) GMT (tentative for now)
Registration deadline: Saturday September 15th 14:30 (2:30pm) EST, 19:30 (7:30pm) GMT

Important!!! Please make sure to update your CTGP regularly as there's no telling when there will be an update and it could happen moments before the FFA. The event will use whatever the most current version of CTGP is and all participants must be on that version!!

1. When you sign up to the FFA, you agree to the rules of the FFA and to the final decisions of the FFA organizer.
2. Free choice of vehicles, characters, and controllers.
3. Track repeats are -15 points for the culprit, unless proof of it being a random is given.
4. Major glitches are not allowed. Performing these glitches will result in immediate disqualification. These include:
- Bayside Boulevard
- Big Nature City
- Blue Loop
- Castle of Darkness (Bagging)
- Castle of Time
- Crossingville
- Disco Fever
- GBA Cheese Land
- Haunted Woods
- Icepeak Mountain
- Jungle Cliff
- Kinoko Cave
- Mushroom Island
- Seaside Resort
- SNES Donut Plains 3
- Subspace Factory
5. Host will only re-open room if 3 or more people disconnect.
6. Each round prior to finals consists of 2 GPs.
7. Finals will be 3 GPs.
8. Trolling is not allowed.
9. If a player glitches or trolls, the host is to immediately kick them from the room (using the OpenHost feature), and continue as normal.
10. Voice communication is encouraged for better team play.
11. You may not change your friend code after the tournament starts.
12. You may not ask a team to sub you (unless you placed 2nd place and you wish for the team that placed 3rd to sub yours).
13. The following tracks are banned, and therefore not allowed to be picked (in line with lounge's ban list)
- Disco Fever (Only in rooms with 11 or 12 Players)
- Lava Road (Only in rooms with 11 or 12 Players)
- Rockside River (Only in rooms with 11 or 12 Players)
- Snowy Circuit 1 (Only in rooms with 11 or 12 Players)
- Undiscovered Offlimit (Only in rooms with 11 or 12 players)
- Kirio Raceway (Only in rooms with 11 or 12 players)
- Rainbow Road Solar Edition (Only in rooms with 11 or 12 players)
- Daisy Gardens (Only in rooms with 11 or 12 players)
- Melting Magma Melee (Only in rooms with 11 or 12 players)

14. The host's room settings must be the following:
- Track Availability: All Tracks or Custom Tracks (Preferably Custom Tracks)
- Specific Engine Class: 150cc
- Race Count: 4
- Thundercloud Autofire: Normal
- Thundercloud Effect: Normal
- Room Encryption: On
- Available Vehicles: All Vehicles
- Host Always Wins Vote: Off
- Item Rain: Off
- All items can fall: Off
- Item boxes: On

15. If a host is caught with different settings, the room must be reset and all previous races will not count
a) If the host refuses to reset, tell a tournament organizer with sufficient proof. If enough proof is given, the host will be disqualified and a new host will be negotiated.
16. If a Nintendo Track is picked, the race will not count and the culprit will receive a -15 penalty.
a) If there is proof given that said track was chosen by random, there will be no penalty. However, the race still will not count.

Scoring system:
1. The total points a team earns is the sum of the two GPs (three GPs are played for the final round).
2. Disconnecting will result in zero points unless proven otherwise, as well as +3 for each race missed not on results.
3. If a player disconnects before the end of the first race, they are compensated with 12 points.
a) If a player doesn't show up on the results screen for the first race (of the GP), they will receive 12 points for that GP (this is for disconnections before the voting screen for race 1 and missing players).
4. If 3 or more people disconnect from the room before race 1, the room must be restarted. Disconnections after the beginning of race 1 will be ignored.

1. Groups are selected based on RNG. Proof of RNG will be provided if requested.
2. Players must add their respective host and join when the room is opened.
3. Failure to join within the allotted time as a team (in other words, both players of a team in question) will result in a GP or GPs being not counted and the team will be given a sum of 0 points for the GP or GPs they have missed together entirely
4. If one of the two players do end up participating while the other does not, Scoring System 3a) will come into play for the missing player and they will be given 12 points as compensation for the GP.

1. Players have 10 minutes to join the room from the starting time of the round. If the round starts at 12:30, then players must join by 12:40.
2. The host must open and start the room by the time stated for the round.

1. Players must be able to capture the final results of the GP (it is desirable that the hosts of each room do this). Ideally, the hosts should do this but in cases of emergencies, every player should attempt to capture the GP results.
a) Failure to take pictures will result in the whole room getting disqualified. Everyone in the room is equally responsible for the respective room's results.
2. Once the round is complete, pictures must be posted with the final standings in this thread.
3. The top 2 teams of each room will be advanced to the next round (no matter how many people are playing) while 3rd place and below will be eliminated.
a) In the event that there is a tie for 3rd, a one race tiebreaker will be played, and the winning team of said tiebreaker advances.
4. Once a team is eliminated, the player cannot take part in this tournament again.
5. Once one round finishes, we will wait for all the other rooms to finish before posting new groups.
6. When posting results make sure to clearly show who is proceeding to the next round, and next to their name make sure to post their friend code (FC).

1. Registration happens only in this thread.
2. Discord ID is only required for hosts. If you have any chance to be a host, then please sign up as one.
a) You must be able to use OpenHost in order to be a host for this event.

Registration format: Mii Name (FC) Can You Host? (Stream link for streamers), #DiscordIdentification

Ex: FL Shane (2407-7718-7801) Can host (http://twitch.tv/blueshadow1391), Shane#2166
FL Fruitz (0906-2081-8940)

If you have any questions: Contact any of the following staff members for the lounge


Credit to Niko's 2v2 ffa post for this format
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Jun 25, 2018
Thread Starter #2
Number of teams - 17
Number of players - 34
Number of hosts - 6
Number of hosts needed - 3

1. Sun_W_Face (3182-1355-5801)
Sun 4125-7801-4193 host Shane#2166

2. ILG LBWALK (4000-3232-3336)
ILG★アスパラ (4000-3232-3337)

3. PoGO H* (4859-3147-1751)
PoGO N* (3613-7736-5127)

4. sv¢ ? (4343-9182-6901) host Xander#9999
sv¢ ¿ (0605-3290-8935)

5. DΣ bd (0736-1481-4263)
DΣ Shiota (1723-9903-3806)

6. coL Blazt (1289-9874-3388)
coL Censor (3956-0050-0279)

7. FSG Arti (4642-8389-5822) host Articuno#3970
FSG Star (0349-5995-5916)

8. sσρ Pascal (5074-0644-0576)
sσρ Raptor (1766-9388-2570)

9. Trevor™ (0650-2464-5150) host Trevor#9141
Maik™ (4086-2224-9463)

10. MαL◇Si (0607-2969-0042) host Silver#1000
MαL◇H! (4300-9698-3770)

11. Inv J (4215-0706-2844)
Inv S (3527-8761-1492)

12. μ's Luis (5374-7123-7143)
μ's zaγ (0435-5001-0365)

13. mom help (1595-1396-4278)
mom ☆ (3227-2287-3933)

14. KG Mae (2151 7214 8928)
KG rusoX (4343-9185-3376)

15. βc YeeeHaw (3655-0654-6204)
βc♪D¥tchll (2668-8815-4690)

16. re fidlar (4000-3210-5203)
re ham (3356-0780-1530)

17. pipi (0262-3733-1889) host laki#2513
pipi (1464-7147-5764)

18. ap Saikai (3741-0374-0876)
ap Emilie (1251-5424-6485)
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New member
Aug 22, 2018
4859 3147 1751
PoGO H* (4859-3147-1751) - Helia#1088
PoGO N* (3613-7736-5127) - Niklas
both can't host


Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can't see
Jun 24, 2018
sv¢ ? (4343-9182-6901) can host Xander#9999
sv¢ ¿ (0605-3290-8935)


Active member
Lounge Staff
Former WL Staff
Jun 25, 2018
Yoshi Lagoon
Mlγ - Melancholy
sσρ Pascal (5074-0644-0576)
sσρ Raptor (1766-9388-2570)


Jun 25, 2018
Thread Starter #16
Updated to here, at 24 players currently but if we don't reach 36 by Saturday this event will be cancelled
Jun 25, 2018
Succeed or Perish
mom help (1595-1396-4278)
mom ☆ (3227-2287-3933)