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CT Division 2 - Introduction


Active member
Jun 25, 2018

StandingsRulesetRule Updates ★Discord Server

Hello, my alias is Kona but you can call me Matt. I'm the division admin of CTD2 for this season, as of Week 6 due to Mido's absence.

Please make sure to be familiar with the rules, which are linked above.

Good luck everyone! It's going to be an interesting season.

Team Representatives:

Division Admin:
Kona (kona#0001)
Battle Cry Solar :

Articuno (Articuno#3970)
Mitch (Mitch#2965)
Spade (Spade#2748)

JFK Assassination Yacht Club :
Luke (Luke#2291)
Barry (Saik#4346)

Succeed or Perish Silver :
Epix (KingEpix#4591)
Online (Online#7505)
Pascal (Pascal#5345)

Team GUN :
K1NG (k1ng#2420)
Nico (Nico#2137 )
Sasa (Sasa#2539)

WollywogZ :
Hawk (Hawk#1856)
Niko (niko#6942)

ZJ's Gambling Hub :
JAM (JAM#4153)
life (life#1179)
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