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Clearing the air of recent bans

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Jul 5, 2018
[JUSTIFY]Alright, didn't expect to make another one of these for a while, but you'll see why I had to once reading this whole thread. Just a warning, this will be a really long thread explaining the bans that we originally gave as well as the trolls who think its funny to false accuse things and what should even be considered a ban. This was actually going to be my last thread I made for MKB Staff as I got news of this from one of the people involved, but obviously we had another popularized case that was considered as scat. [/JUSTIFY]

[JUSTIFY]Now, for the people who have noticed and are wondering, I don't have a blue or orange colour on my name anymore! Before anyone starts thinking, it is not because of how MKB is run or I don't like them or any other theory, quite frankly I think they are all cool people and are doing their job pretty well. I was only here for the short term on MKB Staff or EL Staff, as I stated in my application thread, I was going to dip close to the ending of summer, this happened last year when I had exams and after I dipped from community, it'll be the same again at the start of next month or as soon as this season of WL ends. Obviously whoever has me on Snapchat will see me around haHAA and maybe I'll be around to socialise but just not MKWii as much as I can. But anyways, enough about me, this thread is about the bans that were given for the last month or so.[/JUSTIFY]

[JUSTIFY]First off, I'd like to start by linking you both of KP's and Stunky's apologies/testimony, I feel this is needed due to there not being a proper clarification on the situation without their own truth. There have been a few threads coming out recently about these, but I think it's best if I was the one making it and allowing the community to understand through my own words.[/JUSTIFY]

[JUSTIFY]Stunky: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19bYpkTmlaH0G93o2TToV6pgNbkODOg02JSo4QfHJ3-c/edit?usp=drivesdk [/JUSTIFY]

[JUSTIFY]KP: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qDfIIwSpxULlwKsTIrhsoABAZtye2JAhUAsLxbo3p6Y/edit[/JUSTIFY]

[JUSTIFY]Both documents clearly show what they both were going through during these relationships and how it much it has impacted them. I want to point out that I do NOT see this as an appeal to get unbanned and I don't believe they do too, I personally feel the bans are actually justified and maybe the ban duration could have been changed, which I know that MKB Staff are working on (6 weeks or so until minors can appeal from the ban date). Ever since, I posted the thread of those bans, we have gotten great feedback but there have been a surprisingly huge amount of trolls or misleading comments by certain people/clans on the banned players. I clearly stated on the thread, PMs, WL Discussion, MKB Staff server which had leaks on wrong information, that most of these cases were not entirely the same e.g one was a picture sent, one was a relationship/picture sent. Yet, all I see is "pedo" or "this clan is a pedo because Stunky and KP is in it". I do not believe what Stunky, KP, Ryan etc was right in terms of the pictures sent, but nothing is worse than saying stuff like that which is not something we, as a community, should approve. I have a feeling this was said due to the leak from MKB Staff discussion which falsely stated Stunky is 20 and Ryan was 14 or whatever it was during their relationship which was given to a MKC Staff member (don't think I should leak the person's name), maybe this is why the amount of abuse was given even if it's still wrong. There have been comparisons to Daylon's case, however those are completely false, so for anyone comparing Stunky's or KP's case to that needs to check their facts again. The picture was shown when there was a 3 year gap difference, not a relationship while another was an actual relationship where the age difference was 6+ years of a minor and major where pictures were shown as well. You guys can choose whether they are similar or not, for me it's pretty obvious.[/JUSTIFY]

[JUSTIFY]Now, for the examples I was seeing:[/JUSTIFY]


[JUSTIFY]The first spoiler clearly shows what I'm talking about, sadly I know we'll always have trolls in this community who won't ever listen and continue to meme, but I'm posting this just so I can give some clarification on people like Stunky, KP, Ryan because they don't deserve the abuse and rumours being thrown around which are clearly false, it just gives a bad vibe around a clan like T7 who shouldn't be getting that when the rumours given are completely wrong, and while the second picture doesn't look bad, for someone like Stunky, it could be a different case. This thread is needed entirely as it allows most of this community who aren't trolls and actually will listen to understand the abuse they get is wrong, The negative and extreme health affects this can give as evidently shown from the documents is entirely wrong as we've all read about things like this and the causes. We just had two amazing LAN events that was somewhat game-changing for this community to be brought a little together, we should use that to actually improve because it's actually weird seeing people who abuse others but when it comes to real life events, they don't say anything and are actually nice people. Why not do the latter for a change? [/JUSTIFY]

I hope that helps the people who can be considered as victims from the abuse given and put an end to the wrongly names, there;ll always be trolls and people who'll never accept it, but for those who can, please understand what was right and wrong in this, now I want to address a few points on what the community needs to consider when banning people. What should be considered when cases like this come up?

[JUSTIFY]Discord related bans - Now ever since the Jos/Jack case, where the communication was key from the community, a lot of people have been stating that MKB bans should only happen if it's on the site, while I do agree, I just want to point out that we banned people like Stunky/Ryan/KP/Daylon/Mason because of discord related messages, we banned people like Jeff due to discord related messages, we banned people like Charles due to twitter related messages. The reason why MKB has to police cases at times is because of reasons like this, so many bans have been from discord since no one ever reports it to discord moderators. Once it is reported, maybe the account will get de-activated but it isn't hard for people like that to create an alt unless you keep on reporting it of course, while on MKB, it's easy to address that issue as long as the moderator approving the account can see whether the IP is blacklisted. Mel and Mason can be considered a minor case, considering it was a minor x minor relationship, however Daylon who was over 18, was in a relationship with both of them so it actually is rather serious when it comes to him. For major cases like Daylon and Charles, "only chat restrictions" are considered, but is that enough? Considering the things they did can be considered illegal in its own right when people like Mel/Mason/Ryan are more of a slap on the wrist, that's only for people trying to compare cases. Both cases are able to be prosecuted, but the punishment would be considerately lower than Charles or Daylon's. In an order to most punishment it'll go like this; Daylon/Charles/Cam (the actions of these people closely match the definition for pedophilia because the minors they were involved with were prepubescent/just starting adolescence) -> KP/Stunky (law breakers, but not on the level of the ones listed previously) -> Mason/Mel/Ryan (juvenile law breakers). I won't go into this anymore, but if you want more info then just read this: https://pastebin.com/p9J9nkzx. Therefore, throwing the word "pedo" or anything along those lines is completely out of its context and not right considering the actual definition of that word. So, please refrain from doing that, thank you very much. [/JUSTIFY]
[JUSTIFY]It was very smart of allowing EmilP to go to LAN by the way, I give credit for that decision while the people who weren't allowed to go, were rightfully banned. Because obviously, EmilP wasn't someone who happened you can consider a major case as obviously, it was a minor x minor relationship. Not to mention the fact, the person who did report it, has now dropped the case entirely. Other cases include people like, Cam, who has had a major case similar to this in the past, yet a few months after, most people just stopped caring about it, so why are a few bans with minor x minor or a small age gap getting more attention than that? As the person who was involved in it or can be claimed the victim, threatened legal action, but went back to being on good terms with him even though it was a dangerous case. Pretty much, both Charles and Cam can be considered as dangerous child predator actions. Kat and Ayano case was another that's considered major. Ayano gave gifts for Kat's excessive pictures while there was at least a 3 year age gap as a minor x major relationship, even if in a relationship and there was money/gifts involved, it can be considered worse as it's something the victim didn't want to do in the first place as it's physical gifts to manipulate the minor. [/JUSTIFY]
[JUSTIFY]There are many other cases shown and given during the times of MKBoards.com and even MKW.com, so let me ask you this, is it really that bad to use discord related stuff as MKB bans when you consider the cases above? I personally feel, it's fine for MKB to keep banning people on discord for doing wrong things, but what we must understand is what can be considered wrong. Jos/Jack cases, probably not. Minors in a relationship, yes to an extent but more of a temporary ban like 6 weeks which was given to EmilP and Ryan. KP and Stunky, banned but also given a right to appeal after a few months or so as it wouldn't be as severe as someone who could have a perma-ban. I personally feel there should be some sort of tier list for MKB to use as a guide when giving bans, where tier 1 could be the warning, tier 2 the temp bans, tier 3, the perma bans. Something like this:[/JUSTIFY]

Due to the amount of heat, my last thread for MKB Staff got even if it was clearly written, I shall unfortunately be locking this thread to avoid such heat again. However, MKB Staff do have a server being constructed right now, it is not ready for full release but it is a good place to start by debating discussion points and using ideas like the one I gave above to use when considering bans. I also want to defend the MKB Staff, who have to judge every case like this recently, most of these people aren't experienced with situations like this so there'll bound to be mistakes which should be taken lightly, because once good feedback is given then the right decision will surely come. The experiences given to the current staff will only make them better and continue representing the site well. What they have been talking about regarding the bans is;

- Within the ring of MKB Discord servers: members are accountable
- Outside the ring of MKB (but still a public server): the server owners are accountable if MKB Staff receive valid reports --> server owner is warned if no action is taken --> not taking action after this warning may result in a MKB ban
- Private servers: Members should leave the servers if they're uncomfortable there. For severe cases (like servers that are a majority of children and unsolicited NSFW content is posted for example), action may still be taken on members or the server owner.

I stress by saying that this is only MKB's idea, it's not something that is confirmed as there'll always be discussion and debate on this before getting the final answer. My idea will be to have a tier list which will help guide MKB Staff to know what can even be considered as a warning, temp ban and a perma ban. Any one else with an idea can easily state it below in the discord server where opinions are given.

MKBoards discord: https://discord.gg/B4ZgDvy

- Stop calling people names like "pedo" and "pedo clan" when clearly they are not given the actual definition of the word
- Discord bans are fine as long as there is a guideline to what can be banned
- Cases should be given in a tier list
- MKB Discord to use for debates and discussion

Lastly, I hope this will be my final thread that I have to make on a case like this, and no more of me giving Stunky-tier essays to everyone. Thank you for your time and patience with these cases, and hopefully this will lead to MKB becoming a better place.

- Jazz and some of MKB Staff
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