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Can anybody help me modify revo_kart.brsar and make some text edit files?

Oct 30, 2018
Hey guys, I need some help with my revo_kart.brsar since I can't edit it because I'm using Mac, & I can't use Wine. Help on this would be HIGHLY appreciated, so anyone who can help, please do so.
Here are the following music to be added in my revo_kart.brsar:

WiFi Menu & Course Selection Online:
Main Menu (mode selection such as Grand Prix, Time Trials, etc.):
Options Screen (such as GC Controller Rumble, etc.):
Here is the revo_kart.brsar download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UZDsTENGNq4sPTatM3xwgZULFK31mmdn/view?usp=sharing

My Discord is Krash&Burn#5405. If anyone manages to edit it with the following music, please contact me on Discord. No Discord, but edited the file, okay. But better if Discord.

For the title screen stuff: (Put these in a SuperMenu.szs or whatsoever necessary file for it & please make them compatible with CTGP)
Press A to Start - What does the A button do?
Select License - Expired Licenses
Single Player - No Friends
Multiplayer - F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Nintendo WFC - Shutdown
Mario Kart Channel - Netflix
License Settings - Renew License

For the MenuSingle.szs & Menu_Multi.szs, please edit the texts to the following in the .txt file given here

Take note that the course & battle arena names in the .txt file should also be for the Race.szs, so it will appear in the course/battle intro.

Race.szs file to edit: Race_X.szs

For custom title screen, please make a file for it out of the following saying "Krash&Burn's Texture & Music Pack" in this photo:
3500 × 1969


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