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Boomer Bear's New Forest

Jul 3, 2018
EQ, AM, 00I, SA

Text Block:
After our mutual enemies were vanquished at long last, the Kongs began to increase their dominance of the landscape. All but gone were the distinguishing characteristics of one of the region's two great tribes. Every one of them had become like him; they were mostly all grease monkeys now. Each and every one of them had a garage; huge swaths of forest were leveled to make room for these vehicle repair and rental facilities, which mostly serviced motorized bikes now.
The remaining spaces left by the sudden deforestation were filled with race tracks. The Bears were driven into hiding; a few of us tried to make the best of it and race, since this had become the only game in town, but most of us washed out. It wasn't so bad for me; the lush features of the landscape had been incorporated into the tracks as best as possible. I was already accustomed to running between the trees so hopefully racing through them wouldn't prove to be that unfamiliar. I didn't mind the weaponry either, to be honest.
So, next thing I knew, my ride was idling at the starting line. The starting grid actually had very few plumbers or princesses; this new generation of Kongs occupied most of the spots. The fresh scent of pine had been replaced by the harsh fumes of fuel; the chirps of birds were no longer audible over the engine noise. I had one eye on the competition, and the other eye on the row of boxes just past the first turn. Then something else catches my vision. A turtle riding a cloud floats into view, taking one last visual scan to make sure there are no problems; the signal is given...
here we go...

MKW Roster (1593-4209-3300)

:flagMX: Black
:flagUS: Shocky
:flagUS: Hex
:flagUS: Avery
:flagUS: Hman
:flagUS: Ian
?? Phixel
:flagCA: Zak
:flagUS: Ripper
:flagUS: RZR
:flagNL: Jeroen
:flagUS: Billy
?? Josue
:flagAU: Broders
:flagAU: Howl
:flagUK: BKXO
?? Ivan
:flagUS: Volt
:flagUS: King
:flagAU: Cozmic
:flagDE: Simon
:flagUS: Erupt
:flagDE: Nova
:flagUS: Aethral
:flagDE: Dry
:flagFR: Disturbia
:flagUS: Ceven

MKW Roster (0263-7014-6424)

?? David
:flagUS: Rock Dude
:flagCA: Zachruff
:flagUS: Emo
?? Ashton
?? AdSF
:flagUS: Demise
:flagUS: Ykwii
:flagUK: Retro
?? Quarble
:flagUS: Galaxyyy
:flagUS: ZJ Random
?? Austin
:flagUS: Portentous
?? CaptnMario
?? Fire
:flagUS: Blue
:flagUS: SolarZ
:flagUS: Xian
:flagUS: Ruby

MK7 Roster (4012-3469-6092)

:flagAU: Howl
:flagUS: Volt
:flagUS: Taylor
?? Clement
?? Betrays
?? Dragon
:flagBR: Gabriel
:flagUS: Hailey

Friend Codes:

Main Wii FC: 1593-4209-3300
Secondary Wii FC: 0263-7014-6424
3DS FC: 4012-3469-6092

Note: Some spots will be reserved on rosters for temporary additions.

The imminent destruction of the old forest has driven me to this new territory. The old place was getting picked over anyway. 🐻

I might bring a unique perspective to this great franchise of games, in that I'm one of what I would imagine are few players who actually prefer being outdoors to playing video games. If I'm playing MKW or MK7 a lot, there's a good chance the weather's bad or it's very early or very late.

As the outdoorsy type, I do try to incorporate the mindsets of observation and agility into my racing. The observation is useful for avoiding an item that's placed in the way; the agility manifests itself when I attempt to squeeze through the trees to take a shortcut. Both skills are necessary when those bear hunters come rolling through with stars and bills.

I almost always use my Mii character for MKW and MK7; if I use any other character it will likely be Bowser, but even that is a rare occurence. I stay away from the ever-popular Funky Kong and Metal Mario; they're just not my style.

As far as the courses go, for MKW Nintendo tracks I have to go with DS Desert Hills and Rainbow Road. MKW CTGP-R tracks that I like include Lakeside Hill (just look at this place!) and Cottonplant Forest. MK7 gets DS DK Pass and Shy Guy Bazaar.

I do also play battle mode as well in both MKW and MK7, though not as often as the races.

Discord: BoomerZBear #7838
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