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Jul 28, 2018
The invasion of the community

:flagJP: The clan of the rising sun :flagJP:
:flagJP: 朝日の氏族 :flagJP:

Hello everyone! Since I just came back I felt like creating a friend clan with people who I like to play some Mkwii with. A futuristic goal with this clan is to eventually become competitive again but that’s absolutely not the main focus at the moment. This clan was created right after I returned back from Japan vacation and has been named after the bomb meme started by my Japanese homie hrst zwolf. Since he quit Mkwii earlier the clan got the name bomb as a memory of him but at the moment we just want a good atmosphere and enjoy playing together. This clan is an official friend clan of EA AL MV and NT which means that we have many members in common and more than 3 VIP members from these clans. bomb is a 100% semi Japanese clan and therefore we have many Japanese members and we also participate in events through the Japanese community. The official languages of bomb are English, Japanese and Swedish and it's a requirement to know one of them fluently. Recently this clan has became a lot stricter and now we require you to know around 25% of the clan well or that 50% or more of the clan aren't against you during the voting.

:flagJP: Semi Japanese :flagJP:

The Squad






Bold = bomb Staff Member
Italic = Inactive Member

None at the moment

:flagUS:Ryan W

Invite only

Contacts for Recruitment


Thank you for reading our thread/私たちのスレッドを読んでくれてありがとうございます!
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Active member
Jun 24, 2018


bomb vs G-Fuel ( + 185 )
bomb vs Insane ( + 154 )
bomb vs DD ( + 166 )
bomb vs EA ( + 54 )
bomb vs Mw ( + 38 )
bomb vs EA ( + 2 )
bomb vs XF ( +188 )
bomb vs
βλ ( + 2)
bomb vs N4S ( + 52 )
bomb vs Rc ( +18 )
bomb vs Rc ( +44 )
bomb vs λp ( +36 )
bomb vs XF ( +190 )
bomb vs N4S ( - 29 )
bomb vs Insane ( - 70 )
bomb vs Dz ( - 90 )

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Jul 28, 2018
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Clan war and arrangement Information

We are a semi Japanese clan which means that we participate in both Japanese wars and regular wars. When you accept a war against bomb you agree to play with our default rule set unless something else has been decided and confirmed by both teams before the war. This default rule set applies for all wars that has been organized through the non Japanese community. We do not take any responsibility if you accept a war against us and then complains about our default rule set even if you didn’t know about it. In Japanese organized wars we use the Japanese rule set as standard which means that if the war is organized through the Japanese community (Twitter) we use the traditional Japanese ruleset if nothing else has been agreed by both teams.

Bagging rule: Suicide bagging (No trolling)
Trolling: -10 (minor incident) -20 (major incident)
Repick: -20 (per repicked track)
Doing WL Banned shortcuts: -50 (for each)
Calling: Allowed
Point correction: WL Rules
Hacking: War cancelled and free win for the opposing team (100% clear proof is needed)

Bagging rule: No Overlap (If a player gets overlapped that player has to stop and do absolutely nothing otherwise -20)
Trolling: -20 (proof is needed)
Calling: -20 (proof is needed)
Banned Shortcuts: BCWii glitch & BC3 ultra (-20) plus the WL banned shortcuts
Repicking: -15 (for each repick)
Point correction: WL rules
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