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Board rearrangement

Aug 27, 2018
Site Discussion:
Announcements (move Rules & Site TOS and MK Blog as a Sticky in here)
Meet & Greet
Suggestions, Feedback, and Support (move support into here)

Mario Kart Wii:
Find A Game

Same as above

Social Gaming:
Keep as is

Racers Lounge:
Keep as is (maybe change name of Gaming to Other Gaming)

Site Business:
Staff Applications

Note: I didn't look at any subsections.

Now, the why:
1) Staff Apps and Appeals shouldn't be part of Site Discussion. They really have no place there. Additionally, they block what you want people to see...sections that are active, bringing me to...
2) I get MKD is higher than MKW because it's newer...but it also lacks the activity the MKW section seems to have. You have stuff from August in MKD as most recent post in a section, and 2 from Sept. The section isn't generating a lot of activity, and you don't want that to be what people first see. You want them to see activity, and keeping inactive sections or dead sections at the top will turn some away.
3) The discussion of any section should not be at the bottom. WL and Clans should def be the top of MKW and MKD since they are likely the most active, but putting Discussion at the bottom of the section gives the vibe that discussion isn't important. Keep in mind, discussion is what brings the casuals in. Yeah, the game might not be getting oodles of casuals anymore, but you don't want to turn those away that do show up and potentially become competitive. Discussion is what brings people in. Competitive is what gets them to stay. Priorities need to shift a bit.
4) Shifting gears back to the top of the forum...too many sections. Like, way too many. You want that top section to be short but concise. Intro, Announcements, Support/Feedback (should be combined) is all you need there. Rules & TOS, MKBlogs, should all be stickied Announcements...not having their own giant useless sections. This, like I stated above, are filler sections and taking initial viewing away from the actual active sections.