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Blaze's Time Trials


New member
Jul 17, 2018
This is where I'll be posting the PRs I set. I'll try to keep this thread up-to-date, but we'll see how long that lasts for. ;) My current goal is to have at least a somewhat decent time on every category/track.


Luigi Circuit: 1:09.507
Moo Moo Meadows: 1:15.662 (Former WR/2nd Worldwide)
Mushroom Gorge (no glitch): 1:41.256 (WR)
Toad's Factory: 01:50.078


Mario Circuit (no glitch): 1:21.618 (6th Worldwide)
Mario Circuit: 56.265 (6th American)
Coconut Mall: 33.834 (10th American)
Coconut Mall (no glitch): 1:56.147 (5th Worldwide)
DK's Snowboard Cross: 1:49.841
Wario's Gold Mine (no glitch): 1:51.595 (8th American)
Wario's goldmine: 32.939 (4th Worldwide)


Daisy Circuit: 1:29.197 (10th Worldwide)
Koopa Cape: N/A
Maple Treeway: N/A
Grumble Volcano: 21.289
Grumble Volcano (no glitch): 1:51.726 (World Record)


Dry Dry Ruins: N/A
Moonview Highway: N/A
Bowser's Castle: 2:09.346 (WR)
Rainbow Road: N/A


GCN Peach Peach: 1:00.882 (4th Worldwide)
GCN Peach Beach (no glitch): 1:13.230
DS Yoshi Falls: 58.955 (Former WR/4th Worldwide)
SNES Ghost Valley 2: 51.847 (3rd WW)
SNES Ghost Valley 2 (no glitch): 52.796 (WR)
N64 Mario Raceway: 1:41.708 (7th Worldwide)


N64 Sherbet Land: 01:36.697 (World Record)
GBA Shy Guy Beach: 1:21.792 (7th Worldwide)
DS Delfino Square: 2:05.393
GCN Waluigi Stadium: N/A


DS Desert Hills: 1:32.451 (Former WR/3rd WW)
DS Desert Hills (no glitch): 1:35.283
GBA Bowser Castle 3 (no shortcut): 2:17.223 (6th Worldwide)
GBA Bowser Castle 3: 1:59.792
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway: 49.114 (4th WW)
GCN Mario Circuit: 1:31.489 (7th American)


SNES Mario Circuit 3: 1:18.278
DS Peach Gardens: 2:00.126 w/ BB (3rd American)
GCN DK Mountain (no glitch): 2:05.994 (6th Worldwide)
GCN DK Mountain: 2:00.353 (3rd Worldwide)
N64 Bowser's Castle: N/A

5 World Records | 19 Worldwide Tops | 29 American Tops


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