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New member
Jun 24, 2018
Friend Code : 4759-2727-2774
Teams : :flagFR:JBZZ / :flagJP:Lus
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCvj9jMH1mRabUOZnnSKzgQ
Twitch :
Anime List : https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Athaway

Switch Friend List [69/300]

☆ = Close friend

:flagFR: Asznee ☆
:flagFR: Avo ☆
:flagFR:/:flagCO: Babou
:flagFR: Beni
:flagFR:/:flagJP: Dark (だーく)
:flagFR: Dayem ☆
:flagFR: Daxx
:flagFR: Demon
:flagFR: Diogo
:flagFR: Dydy
:flagFR: Furious ☆
:flagFR: Gab
:flagFR: Issem
:flagFR: Jujudut
:flagFR: Lanfi ☆
:flagFR: Lez' ☆
:flagFR: Mars
:flagFR: Minegear
:flagFR: Neo
:flagFR: Nitroco
:flagFR: Orange
:flagFR: Origin
:flagFR: Pierre ☆
:flagFR: Play
:flagFR: Pyrax
:flagFR: Ronan ☆
:flagFR: Spudd
:flagFR: Starxlx
:flagFR: Swift
:flagFR: Théo
:flagFR: Up' ☆
:flagFR: Valer
:flagFR: Xtreme ☆
:flagFR: Yacine

:flagJP: Axel
:flagJP: ばやし (Bayashi)
:flagJP: B!KZO
:flagJP: ちょこもっち (Chokomocchi)
:flagJP: じぷ (Geep)
:flagJP: ごりばー (Goliber)
:flagJP:はせ (Hase)
:flagJP: Izumi
:flagJP: KF 25
:flagJP: レイル (Leil)
:flagJP:まうちゃ (Maucha)
:flagJP: ネロ (Nero) ☆
:flagJP: さくらもち (Prime) ☆
:flagJP: Psysalia
:flagJP: ゆーあーる (ur)
:flagJP:とあ (Toa) ☆
:flagJP: Vitti
:flagJP: わみ (WaMi)
:flagJP: ざっきー (Zakki)

:flagUS: Bryce
:flagUS: Cynda
:flagUS: Rookie
:flagUS: SuperFX

:flagUK: Damian
:flagUK: Joe
:flagUK: LsR
:flagUK: Xander

:flagDE: Björn
:flagDE: Marc
:flagDE: Robel

:flagCA: Ethan
:flagCA: John
:flagCA: Tyler

:flagNO: Dragmire Jr

:flagBE: Thomas​