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Division Admin Arber (DA)

Jul 31, 2018
1) Arber - I will be applying as an division administrator.

2) I have not had any experience in regards to being a being a division admin. However, I am very organized and familiar on how to operate Google spreadsheets as well as Excel (I have taken classes at my school specifically towards these programs). I am also willing to grit and work hard to achieve tasks, I have a very good work ethic. I am planning to become a division admin here in Elite League so I can make my way up and gain more experience with other leagues and competitions.

3) I would consider myself to be very active, I currently manage the clan Luck very well and have managed to keep the clan active. I want to bring this energy and effort towards EL to help benefit the league as much as possible. I am willing to participate on any opportunity in regards towards being a division administrator. I will not disappoint you.

4) Once again I go by Arber (obviously), and my discord is Arber#9038 if you're interested.