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Applying for Site Staff

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Jun 25, 2018
Welcome to the application section for the Mario Kart Boards staffing team.

Current status of recruitment: Open

If applications are open and you believe that you would pose as a valuable asset to the Mario Kart Boards staffing team, you are free to submit an application here. Please note that all threads must be manually approved by a member of staff before they will be made visible. Any thread that is made here will be locked upon creation, meaning that no replies may be added to your thread, either by yourself or other members. If your thread is lacking any vital information, you will receive a private message from a member of staff requesting said information.

Being a Member of Site Staff Requires Time and Dedication.
Applying for simple reasons such as "you feel like it" or because "why not" may be detrimental to your chances of being admitted to the team. We are primarily looking for individuals who are available and willing to put time and effort into their position in order to deliver the best moderation to the forums as possible. Being a member of site staff is more than just being an active user - You will deal with arguments, angry individuals, rule updates, changes made to the forums, and much more.

Previous Modding Experience.
If you have previous modding experience on another forum, we always encourage our applicants to list and explain said experience. However, not having any moderation experience is perfectly fine, and we will absolutely still review your application.

Past Actions.
This application section is not here to apologize for any mistakes that you may have committed on the forums in the past. We are not interested in hearing about why you posted in such a way, or why you have now changed for the better and are now more mature than previously. We are fully understanding that people can change; and we will be able to see that for ourselves after reviewing your application and recent history.

In terms of applying, it is entirely up to you to decide how you want to present yourself and what information you think will better your chances. Provided below are some key points that may help you get started:
  • Age
  • Country and timezone
  • Why you want this position
  • What you can bring to the staffing team
  • Any past moderating experience
  • Any examples of quality or helpful posts you've made
  • The best way to contact you, such as Discord

We look at every application in its entirety. If you do decide to apply, we appreciate your willingness to help.
If you do not make the team, you are absolutely free to re-apply in the future once applications open again. It is not a one-time shot.

Thank you for reading.
- Mario Kart Boards Staff
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