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Ante Rebic the legend himself


Thanks for the chance
Jun 3, 2018
Stevie Bruce is up there for me
Don't think Villa fans will approve.

I'd go with the obvious "Barry Venison" for the meme but in current player terms I haven't a clue. Really liked the workrate of "Goal of the World Cup" legend Benjamin Pavard when the World Cup came around, hoping once he has another year or two experience some of the larger teams get him and try him out - Stuttgart, whereas a good team historically, are absolute pants now for the quality of player he seems he could have the potential to be if given the right facilities and levels of teammates and opponents to play with. Even if it's just to a Europa League team, he needs to get himself out of Stuttgart soon if he wants any chance of becoming more than just "that defender who played for France a few times when they won the World Cup" given he's 22 now, roughly when some players begin to make or break their careers.


Jun 25, 2018
1. DB23
2. ZZ10
3. Diego

David Beckham was an extremely good player. I copied his playstyle when i played for myself. And his freekicks...crazy

Zidane had the best technique, hands down. Just look up a few skills its amazing.

I am fan of Werder bremen and diego just made my childhood. One of my favs.

/ There are still plenty of players who were fucking amazing. Today's players mostly suck