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All Mario Kart Wii File Names

Quindarious Gooch

You forget, I always play high stakes
Jun 24, 2018
Prismatic Sunset
Some credits to Johnny, who posted a list of names over at MarioKartCustom (here).

Credit to the people over at wiki.tockdom.com for helping with a lot of the brres files, there's so much more info there than could ever be posted in a single thread


la_bike = Flame Runner
la_kart = Offroader
lb_bike = Wario Bike
lb_kart = Flame Flyer
lc_bike = Shooting Star
lc_kart = Piranha Prowler
ld_bike = Spear
ld_kart = Jetsetter
ldf_bike = Standard Bike L
ldf_kart = Standard Kart L
ldf_bike_blue = Standard Bike L (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
ldf_bike_red = Standard Bike L (Battle Mode + Red Team)
ldf_kart_blue = Standard Kart L (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
ldf_kart_red = Standard Kart L (Battle Mode + Red Team)
le_bike = Phantom
le_kart = Honeycoupe

ma_bike = Mach Bike
ma_kart = Classic Dragster
mb_bike = Sugarscoot
mb_kart = Wild Wing
mc_bike = Zip Zip
mc_kart = Super Blooper
md_bike = Sneakster
md_kart = Daytripper
mdf_bike = Standard Bike M
mdf_kart = Standard Kart M
mdf_bike_blue = Standard Bike M (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
mdf_bike_red = Standard Bike M (Battle Mode + Red Team)
mdf_kart_blue = Standard Kart M (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
mdf_kart_red = Standard Kart M (Battle Mode + Red Team)
me_bike = Dolphin Dasher
me_kart = Sprinter

sa_bike = Bullet Bike
sa_kart = Booster Seat
sb_bike = Bit Bike
sb_kart = Mini Beast
sc_bike = Quacker
sc_kart = Cheep Charger
sd_bike = Magikruiser
sd_kart = Tiny Titan
sdf_bike = Standard Bike S
sdf_kart = Standard Kart S
sdf_bike_blue = Standard Bike S (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
sdf_bike_red = Standard Bike S (Battle Mode + Red Team)
sdf_kart_blue = Standard Kart S (Battle Mode + Blue Team)
sdf_kart_red = Standard Kart S (Battle Mode + Red Team)
se_bike = Jet Bubble
se_kart = Blue Falcon

Add at the end of these names...

-bds = Baby Daisy
-bk = Dry Bowser
-blg = Baby Luigi
-bmr = Baby Mario
-bpc = Baby Peach
-ca = Birdo
-dd = Diddy Kong
-dk = Donkey Kong
-ds = Daisy
-ds3 = Daisy (Biker Outfit)*
-fk = Funky Kong
-jr = Bowser Jr.
-ka = Dry Bones
-kk = Toadette
-ko = Toad
-kp = Bowser
-kt = King Boo
-la_mii_f = Large Mii Outfit A (Female)
-la_mii_m = Large Mii Outfit A (Male)
-lb_mii_f = Large Mii Outfit B (Female)
-lb_mii_m = Large Mii Outfit B (Male)
-lg = Luigi
-ma_mii_f = Medium Mii Outfit A (Female)
-ma_mii_m = Medium Mii Outfit A (Male)
-mb_mii_f = Medium Outfit B (Female)
-mb_mii_m = Medium Mii Outfit B (Male)
-mr = Mario
-nk = Koopa Troopa
-pc = Peach
-pc3 = Peach (Biker Outfit)*
-rs = Rosalina
-rs3 = Rosalina (Biker Outfit)*
-sa_mii_f = Small Mii Outfit A (Female)
-sa_mii_m = Small Mii Outfit A (Male)
-sb_mii_f = Small Mii Outfit B (Female)
-sb_mii_m = Small Mii Outfit B (Male)
-wl = Waluigi
-wr = Wario
-ys = Yoshi

Example: Yoshi's Mach bike = ma_bike-ys
Obviously, there isn't funky's blue falcon and things like that

NOTE: add _2 and _4 at the end of the name for splitscreen mode


Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit beginner_course.szs
Moo Moo Meadows farm_course.szs
Mushroom Gorge kinoko_course.szs
Toads Factory factory_course.szs

Flower Cup
Mario Circuit castle_course.szs
Coconut Mall shopping_course.szs
DK's Snowboard Cross boardcross_course.szs
Wario's Gold Mine truck_course.szs

Star Cup
Daisy Circuit senior_course.szs
Koopa Cape water_course.szs
Maple Treeway treehouse_course.szs
Grumble Volcano volcano_course.szs

Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins desert_course.szs
Moonview highway ridgehighway_course.szs
Bowser's Castle koopa_course.szs
Rainbow Road rainbow_course.szs

Shell Cup
GCN Peach Beach old_peach_gc.szs
DS Yoshi Falls old_falls_ds.szs
SNES Ghost Valley old_obake_sfc.szs
N64 Mario Raceway old_mario_64.szs

Banana Cup
N64 Sherbet Land old_sherbet_64.szs
GBA Shy Guy Beach old_heyho_gba.szs
DS Delfino Square old_town_ds.szs
GCN Waluigi Stadium old_waluigi_gc.szs

Leaf Cup
DS Desert Hills old_desert_ds.szs
GBA Bowser Castle old_koopa_gba.szs
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway old_donkey_64.szs
GCN Mario Circuit old_mario_gc.szs

Lighting Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 3 old_mario_sfc.szs
DS Peach Gardens old_garden_ds.szs
NGC DK Mountain old_donkey_gc.szs
N64 Bowser Castle old_koopa_64.szs


Luigi Sunset (credits): ending_demo.szs
draw_demo.szs (like MC, no textures, no lap, no checkpoints, no lakitu when going backwards)
winningrun_demo.szs (The circuit when you get 1st 2nd or 3rd in a GP/VS)
loser_demo.szs (The circuit when you finish 4th or worse in a GP/VS and when your battle team loses)
ring_mission.szs (Galaxy Colosseum)


block_battle.szs = block plaza
casino_battle.szs = ChainChomp Roulette
old_battle3_gba.szs = GBA Battle Course 3
old_battle4_sfc.szs = SNES Battle Course 4
old_cookieland_gc.szs = GCN Cookieland
old_house_ds.szs = DS Twilight House
old_matenro_64.szs = N64 Sky Scraper
sand_battle.szs = Thwomp Desert
skate_battle.szs = Funky Stadium
venice_battle.szs = Delfino Pier

Note: add _d at the end of the name for MULTIPLAYER (both for race and battle stages)


Mushroom Cup

1-Luigi Circuit -> n_circuit32_n (_f for the final lap)
2 Moo Moo Meadows -> n_farm_n (_f for the final lap)
3-Mushroom Gorge -> n_kinoko_n (_f for the final lap)
4-Toad's Factory -> STRM_N_FACTORY_N (_f for the final lap)

Flower Cup

5-Mario Circuit -> n_circuit32_n (_f for the final lap)
6-Coconut Mall -> n_shopping32_n (_f for the final lap)
7-DK Summit -> n_snowboard32_n (_f for the final lap)
8-Wario's Gold Mine-> STRM_N_TRUCK_N (_f for the final lap)

Star Cup

9-Daisy Circuit -> n_daisy32_n (_f for the final lap)
10-Koopa Cape -> STRM_N_WATER_N (_f for the final lap)
11-Maple Treeway -> n_maple_n (_f for the final lap)
12-Grumble Volcano -> n_volcano32_n (_f for the final lap)

Special Cup

13-Dry Dry Ruins -> STRM_N_DESERT_N (_f for the final lap)
14-Moonview Highway -> STRM_N_RIDGEHIGHWAY_N (_f for the final lap)
15-Bowser's Castle -> STRM_N_KOOPA_N (_f for the final lap)
16-Rainbow Road -> n_rainbow32_n (_f for the final lap)

Shell Cup

17-GCN Peach Beach -> r_gc_beach32_n (_f for the final lap)
18-DS Yoshi Falls -> r_ds_jungle32_n (_f for the final lap)
19-SNES Ghost Valley 2 -> r_sfc_obake32_n (_f for the final lap)
20-N64 Mario Raceway -> r_64_circuit32_n (_f for the final lap)

Banana Cup

21-N64 Sherbet Land -> r_64_sherbet32_n (_f for the final lap)
22-GBA Shy Guy Beach -> r_agb_beach32_n (_f for the final lap)
23-DS Delfino Square-> r_ds_town32_n (_f for the final lap)
24-GCN Waluigi Stadium -> r_gc_stadium32_n (_f for the final lap)

Leaf Cup

25-DS Desert Hills -> r_ds_desert32_n (_f for the final lap)
26-GBA Bowser Castle 3 -> r_agb_kuppa32_n (_f for the final lap)
27-N64 DK Jungle Parkway -> r_64_jungle32_n (_f for the final lap)
28-GCN Mario Circuit -> r_gc_circuit32_n (_f for the final lap)

Lightning Cup

29-SNES Mario Circuit 3 -> r_sfc_circuit32_n (_f for the final lap)
30-DS Peach Garden -> r_ds_garden32_n (_f for the final lap)
31-GCN DK Mountain -> r_gc_mountain32_n (_f for the final lap)
32-N64 Bowser's Castle -> r_64_kuppa32_n (_f for the final lap)


o_FanfareTA1st_32.brstm-------> finish first / Winning Results (Battle) / Best Time (Time Trials)
o_FanfareTA1st_only32.brstm---> Finish First (Battle) / Best Time (Time Trials)
o_hyousyou_cut.brstm----------> Trophy Presentation (shorter)
o_hyousyou_lose.brstm---------> No trophy for you!
o_hyousyou_normal.brstm-------> trophy presentations (short)
o_hyousyou_winningrun.brstm---> Trophy Presentation
o_ option_32.brstm (no space)-------------> License/Game Options
o_Start2_32_fan.brstm---------> start your engines (time trial)
o_Start32_fan.brstm-----------> Start Your Engines (Race)
strm_me.brstm ----------------> Character/Kart/Cup unlock
o_Wi-Fi_waiting32.brstm--------> Spectating (Wi-Fi) and ghost replay music
o_Crs_In_Fan.brstm intro-------> race (race)
o_Crs_In_Fan_battle.brstm-----> race intro (battle)
o_Crs_In_Fan_Wifi.brstm-------> race intro (Wi-Fi)
o_Ending_PartA_32.brstm ------>- generique1 end-game (luigi circuit)
o_FanfareBTdraw_32.brstm-----> draw / Winning Results (Battle)
o_FanfareGP1_32.brstm---------> finish first / Winning Results (Race)
o_FanfareGP1_only32.brstm-----> Finish First (Race)
o_FanfareGP2_32.brstm---------> finish ok (2nd-5th) / Winning Results (Race)
o_FanfareGP2_only32.brstm-----> finish ok (2nd-5th) (Race)
o_FanfareGPdame_32.brstm -----> finish poor (6th-12th) / losing results (Race)
o_FanfareGPdame_only32.brstm--> finish poor (6-12th) (Race)
o_FanfareMIlose_32.brstm-------> defeat / Losing Results (Battle & Time Trial)
o_FanfareMIlose_only32.brstm---> Defeat (Battle & Time Trial)
o_FanfareMIwin_32.brstm-------> 2nd-5th place time / Winning Results (Time Trial), Battle victory when not top player
o_FanfareMIwin_only32.brstm---> 2nd-5th place time (Time Trial)
o_FanfareMIWinBoss_32.brstm---> victory / Winning Results (Competition)
n_BossMI_32.brstm ----------------> Galaxy Colosseum, which plays on SADX Twinkle Circuit

Battle Stages:

Delfino Pier = n_venice_n (F for the last minute)
Funky Stadium = n_skate_n (F for the last minute)
N64 SkyScraper = r_64_battle_n (F for the last minute)
GBA Battle Course 3= r_agb_battle_n (F for the last minute)
DS Twilight House = r_DS_battle_n (F for the last minute)
SNES Battle Course 4 = r_sfc_battle_n (F for the last minute)
Block Plaza = n_block_n (F for the last minute)
ChainChomp Roulette = n_casino_n (F for the last minute)
GCN Cookieland = r_GC_Battle32_n (F for the last minute)
Thwomp Desert = n_ryuusa_n (F for the last minute)

BRSAR files:
revo_kart.brsar - essentially the "master" sound file for the game, Every single sound effect or piece of music is here
HomeButtonSE.brsar - home menu sound


banana.thp ----- Banana Cup Courses
battle_cup_select.thp ----- All Battle Cup Stages
battle_retro.thp ----- Retro Battle Cup Stages
battle_wii.thp ----- Wii Battle Cup Stages
cup_select.thp ----- All Racing Cup Courses
flower.thp ----- Flower Cup Courses
kinoko.thp ----- Mushroom Cup Courses
konoha.thp ----- Leaf Cup Courses
koura.thp ----- Shell Cup Courses
special.thp ----- Special Cup Courses
star.thp ----- Star Cup Courses
lightning.thp ----- Lighning Cup Courses

class_top.thp ----- Racers Racing When Choosing GP Class
drift_select.thp ----- Mario Racing In A Kart Showing Automatic Or Manual When Choosing Drift Mode
indiv_team.thp ----- Pedestal Of Celebrating Racers When Choosing Team Race Or Solo
multi_top.thp ----- Gameplay Of VS Race And Battle When Choosing One After Choosing Multiplayer Mode
single_top.thp ----- Gameplay Of VS Race And Battle When Choosing One After Choosing Single Player Mode
top_menu.thp ----- Animations In The Title Screen Right After You Choose Your License

ending_normal.thp ----- After Getting Gold Cups On All Cups 150cc And Below, It Is The Ending Scene After Sunset Luigi Circuit And Shows A Little Box In The Corner Showing This
ending_true.thp ----- After Getting Gold Cups On ALL Cups Including Mirror, It Is The Ending Scene After Sunset Luigi Circuit And Shows A Little Box In The Corner Showing This


Award_*.szs ----- Award Ceremony
Channel_*.szs ----- Mario Kart Channel
Event_*.szs ----- Tournament
Globe_*.szs ----- Nintendo WFC
MenuMulti_*.szs ----- All Screens After Selecting Multi Player
MenuSingle_*.szs ----- All Screens After Selecting Single Player
Present_*.szs ----- Getting New Character/Vehicle Screen
Race_*.szs ----- A VS Race Or Battle
Title_*.szs ----- Title Screens Until The Screen After Choosing License

* = Language

E=English PAL
U=English NTSC
S=Spanish PAL
F=French PAL
Q=French NTSC
M=Spanish NTSC


*-allkart.szs ----- Character's Vehicles
*-allkart_BT.szs ----- Character's Vehicles (Battle Mode)

* = character (same list as in the first part; Example: Yoshi in the menu = ys_allkart)




Award.szs ----- Award Ceremony
Channel.szs ----- Mario Kart Channel
Event.szs ----- Tournament
Globe.szs ----- Nintendo WFC
MenuMulti.szs ----- All Screens After Selecting Multi Player
MenuSingle.szs ----- All Screens After Selecting Single Player
Present.szs ----- Unlocking New Character/Vehicle Screen
Race.szs ----- HUD in Race/Battle
Title.szs ----- Title Screens Until The Screen After Choosing License

Note: In the Korean (NTSC-K) version. these files end with _R (example: Race_R, Globe_R etc)


Common.szs (Item models, drift sparks, fire from boosts, particle/fog effects, and more, also contains vehicle stats and item probabilities)


font.szs (font_K.szs in the Korean game)


english.szs = english
italian.szs = italian
for all languages


StaticR.rel (Very complex, handles many core features of the game, read more at this link)
main.dol (the main executable file for the game)


CommonObj01.szs = Gates (Like in KC's competitions)
CommonObj02.szs = Coin
CommonObj03.szs = Ramp models
CommonObj04.szs = Bouncy mushrooms
CommonObj05.szs = Pipe, Goomba, Wood Boxes, Oil stain, Pylon
CommonObj06.szs = Chain Chomp and Rolling Chomp
CommonObj07.szs = Wiggler
CommonObj08.szs = Dry Bowser's Fire Breath
CommonObj09.szs = Pokey
CommonObj10.szs = Thwomp
CommonObj11.szs = Bomb car
CommonObj12.szs = Bat, DK Mountain Rock, Cataquack




Backmodel.szs -> the background object while in the menu (Trophy for GP, Stopwatch For TTs, Checkered Flag for VS, Balloons/Coin for Battle)
Earth.szs -> Earth Model on Wi-Fi
MiiBody.szs -> The Miis' bodies as seen on the globe on Wi-Fi


old_mario_gc_b.szs (Direct port of GCN Mario Circuit, Piranha Plants without pipes)
(3 more GCN MC Ports, likely used during testing, as the names are of developers)
savebanner.tpl (image of the savegame)


These files are inside szs's. Put into a spoiler because it's a long list

ami = bouncy net (end of Maple Treeway)
aurora = waving part on RR
basabasa = Bats
begoman_spike = Spiky Topman from Galaxy Colosseum
BeltCrossing = Conveyor Belt on TF
BeltCurve = Curved Conveyor Belts
BGteresaSFC = Boos on rGV2
b_teresa = Background Boos, controlled by an AREA type
bird = bird on rDKM
block = Block on TF before turned into an item by the stomper
boble = fire thingy in the ramp part of GBA BC3
bulldozer (_left and _right) = bulldozers on TF
CarA1 & CarA2 & CarA3 & CarB = Moving Cars on CM
castleballoon1 = Hot Air Balloon on MC
castleflower1 = Flower from MC
castletree1 = Tree from MC
choropu = Monty Mole
coin = coin
course_model = the track's base model without any extra objects
cow = MMM Cow
crab = rSGB crab
crane = moving platforms on TF
cruiser = Daisy Cruiser on DC/KC
dk_miiobj00 = Mii statue on DKS
dkmonitor = Animated TV on DK summit
DKrockGC = falling rocks on rDKM
DKship64 = ship on DKJP
DKtreeA64 & DKtreeB64 = trees on DKJP
DKturibashiGC = rDKM bridge
dokan_sfc = Pipe (from LC and rMC3)
donkycannon_wii = DKS Cannon
donkycannonGC = rDKM Cannon
donkytree1GC & donkytree2GC = rDKM trees
dossun = thwomp
epropeller = Spinning Zapper on KC
escalator = escalator from CM
firesnake = Fire Snake (GV and rDH)
flagA1 = decoration on WGM
flagA2 = decoration on Moo Moo Meadows
flagA3 = decoration on Delfino square
flagA5 = decoration on Koopa Cape
flagB1 = flag on WGM
flagB2 = flags on Luigi Circuit
flagB3 = flag on Koopa Cape
flagB4 = another flag on Koopa Cape
flamepole = Lava Pillars from BCWii
flamepole_v = Lava Pillars with no base
FlamePole_v_big = Big lava pillar from the trick ramp on BC64
gardentreeDS = tree on Peach gardens
group_enemy_a = a bunch of toads, shy guys and 1 hammer bro
group_enemy_b = toads, shy guys, hammer bro
group_enemy_c = 6 toads
group_enemy_e = shy guy - hammer bro - shy guy
group_enemy_f = shy guy - shy guy - hammer bro
group_monte_a = Piantas
hanachan = Wiggler
heyho = Snowboarder Shy Guys from DKS
heyho2 = Shy Guy "Managing" the DKS Lift
heyhoBallGBA = cannonball on rSGB
heyhoShipGBA = ship on rSGB
heyhoTreeGBA = rSGB tree
honeBall = Dry Bowser's fire breath (from the competition)
ice = the ice when you get respawned on rSL
InsekiA & inseki B = floating rocks and stuff on RR
itembox = item box
k_bomb_car = bomb car (MH)
k_car_body = car (MH)
k_chairlift00 = Ski Lift on DKS
k_sticklift00 = Gate before Cannon on DKS
k_truck = truck (MH)
karehayama = leaf piles on MT
KmoonZ = moon on RR
kinoko = bouncy mushroom
koopaball = fireball thrown by the Bowser statue (BCWii)
koopafigure = Bowser statue (BCWii)
koopafigure64 = Bowser statue (BC64)
kuribo = Goomba
map_model = Minimap
mare_a & mare_b = Toads from rPB
marioGO64 = "GO" Sign from rMR
MDush = ramp from MC and MMM
Mii_Balloon = balloon on CM
MiiKanban = Luigi face sign from LC
MiiObj1 = Mii figures
MiiObj2 = Mii figures
MiiObj3 = Mii figures
MiiObjD01 = Mii figures
MiiObjD02 = Mii figures
MiiObjD03 = Mii figures
MiiPoster = posters with mii faces from CM
MiiSignKino = Image of Toad on TF
MiiSignNoko = image of Koopa on KC
MiiSignWario = Image of Wario on WGM
MiiSphinxY2 = Sphinx on DDR
MiiStatueBD1 = Baby Daisy statue
MiiStatueBL1 = Baby Luigi statue from DC
MiiStatueD1 = Daisy statue from DC
MiiStatueL1 = Luigi statue from DC
MiiStatueL3 = Luigi statue from LC
MiiStatueM2 = Mario snowboarding statue on DKS
Note: Everything starting with "Mii" will be changed to a mii head if you use a mii
monte_a = Pianta
moray = Eel on KC
obakeBlockSFC = rGV2 blocks
oilSFC = oil
palmtree = palm trees on coconut mall
peachHunsuiGC = the water of the fountain on rPB
penguin (_l _m _s) = penguins (big medium small)
pocha = water splash
pocha_yogan = lava splash
poihana = Cataquack
press = Stompers on TF
PSea = rPB water
puchi_pakkun = piranha plant from rMR
pukupuku = Cheep Cheep
pylon01 = cone from DC
r_parasol = umbrella from rSGB
ridgemii00 = Mii Audience from MH
rod = Lakitu's rod
RM_ring1 = part of Galaxy Colosseum
sanbo = Pokeys from DDR and rDH
seagull = seagull
ShMiiObj01 = Mii figures
ShMiiObj02 = Mii figures
ShMiiObj03 = Mii figures
skyship = Cheep Cheep Balloon on LC
spacesun = Sun on RR
starGate = gate from competitions
starring = coloured thing that is near turbo pads on RR
sun = the sun
sunDS = Angry Sun on rDH
TownBridgeDS = rDS bridge
TownTreeDS = Tree on rDS
tree_cannon = Cannon on MT
truckChimSMK = smoke from the pipes on WGM
Truckwagon = Minecarts from WGM
Twanwan = rolling chomp
twistedway = waving part of BCWii, has the weird side effect of teleporting anything below, above, or next to it
utsuboDokan = Eels that come out of the pipes on KC
VolcanoBall1 = fire shot from the volcano on GV
VolcanoRock1 = volcano rock on GV
vrcorn_model = the sky
wanwan = chain chomp
windmill = windmill from MMM
WLfirebarGC = Fire Bar on rWS
woodbox = wood box

balloon = the balloons on battle mode
banana = banana
big_kinoko = Mega Mushroom
bomb = bomb
bombcore = bomb explosion
gesso = blooper
icon_mii = mii's head placeholder
item_killer = bullet bill when dropped
item_light = Red/Blue outline around an item of your team's color in team vs/battle
jugemu = Lakitu
other things that start with jugemu_ or jugem_ = lakitu's messages (ex. Final Lap!)
kart_killer = Bullet bill while in use
kinoko = mushroom
kinoko_p = golden mushroom
koura_green = green shell
koura_red = red shell
kumo = thundercloud
pow_bloc = pow block when dropped
pow_bloc_plane = pow block on the screen (when used)
star = star
thunder = lightning
tico = rosalina's luma
togezo_koura = blue shell

Leave a reply if there are errors / something is missing!

Do NOT quote this post!

Helpful videos for brsar editing, music editing, and texture editing:
(No piracy is included)

- Torn

*Credit to Enryx for the original thread and credit to @Kisenon and @~Maidvelia❤︎~ for maintaining this thread on MKBoards before me.
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Black Lives Matter.
Jul 17, 2018
old_mario_gc_b.szs (Direct port of GCN Mario Circuit)
MiiBody.szs (contains mii animation and textures... but idk where those textures are used...)
MiiBody.szs can be edited to change a numerous amount of things, including:

- Mii head position on all four licenses, in bubbles when connecting to a room, next to the track they voted for in a room,​
next to their name when racing, friend roster boxes​
- Mii suits, positions, and shadow (? idk what to call it, the circle that ripples out from under them) anytime when in the Globe screen​
- Size of body parts (i.e. head)​
and possibly much more, but this is what I know as of now (thanks to atlas and kdjungle)


Based Janegirl
Jun 25, 2018
Warren, MI, USA
Aces - «◇»
Keep in mind this is Enryx and Kisenon's words not mine. I'll update in a bit with that new info.


Black Lives Matter.
Jul 17, 2018
Thank you! And I'm aware, I just thought I should comment that so people could know that the file is not "useless."
Nov 7, 2018
South Pole
Hey hello
Fun story... I am (was?) Enryx, the one who compiled this list back in [2010? 2011?]
I havent gone by that name in a while as it's too close to my real name but anyway...
It's crazy how this is still around and I'm glad it's helped so many people. And it was crazier for me to find it, when I just got back to playing this game and googling "mkwii file names list" to build my My Stuff once again after this many years... :oops:

It could definitely be fixed/improved haha... If anyone has the time and knowledge, really feel free. I think it's still very easy to browse to find what you need but a lot of descriptions are wonky (sorry my 14 y.o. self who isn't a native speaker :p ), AND back then a lot of files were basically unknown.

See you on the tracks
Quindarious Gooch

Quindarious Gooch

You forget, I always play high stakes
Jun 24, 2018
Prismatic Sunset
Thread Starter #13
Major update, fixed the filename errors, grammar errors (the original poster wasn't a native english speaker), changed some wording, found what the ????? files were, and just made other general edits from the knowledge about the game that we've gained over the years (the original post was from mariokartwii.com from like 2011-2012, and hasn't been edited much since)
Quindarious Gooch

Quindarious Gooch

You forget, I always play high stakes
Jun 24, 2018
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Oct 5, 2018
Hi all- thank you very much for compiling this list! It's allowed me to add custom characters, textures, and music, which I never thought I could do!

I have a quick question about changing the font, and any help would be appreciated! I'm trying to use the Crash Bandicoot custom font, and after changing the name to "font.szs", adding it to My Stuff and the Fonts folder, it successfully appeared on all menu screens, track names, WiFi, etc. However, I was not able to make it show up as the timer, lap count, or race countdown (basically anything in the actual race). It works perfectly in the menus, but doesn’t show up in the race.

Does anyone know how to fix the issue? I'd really appreciate the help- thanks in advance!
all of that is under Race_(region).szs