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A Question Regarding Squid Ink


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Jul 17, 2018
Recently I was getting bored of doing the regular big texturing stuff (such as characters, vehicles, menus), and I wanted to edit smaller things. I was watching a video on Trent Kart Wii (here), which is DarkMario957's pack, and I noticed something. He had changed the squid ink to have colorful red mushrooms and purple stars (1:04).

I wanted to do something like this, so I figured out what files controlled what.
common.szs : effect : rkrace.breft
gessoSumi2I4 - ink splatter 1 that appears smack dab in the middle of the screen
(vid ex: trent kart wii logo)

gessoInd2_3 + gessoInd7_3_ - i'm guessing these are what control the ink "sliding" off of the screen

gessoSumi1 - ink splatter 2
(vid ex: purple star)

gessoSumi0 - ink splatter 3
(vid ex: red mushroom with yellow star)
In trent's common.szs the two ink splatters are pictures with color, and they appear the same colors in-game. However, when I tried to replace the images for my own in a clean common, they did not appear with the same colors in-game. They just were black blobs in the shape of the image.
  • I changed the texture format to match those in trent's files, yet still nothing.
  • I checked all of the rk_gesso--_-P files inside rkrace.breff with atlas's breff editor, and all of the colors matched the clean common's, so I figured that they didn't control it.
  • I tried replacing the pictures in trent's file, and ink splatters 2 and 3 showed up the correct color, but the one in the middle always stayed black. Those images don't appear the same in a clean common when transferred over, so i'm guessing that a different file controls what color shows up.
so, the question i came here to ask is:
does anyone know what files control what color appears for the ink in-game?​
this is probably something very few have edited since it's so minor, but any help would be greatly appreciated!\
also I don't really know if this thread belongs here since I see people asking questions in the texture hack sub-section, but this was a place for questions on the old site so idk. feel free to move it if necessary